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Arden Hills, United States, July 21,2019- Welcome to ParSecurity.Com

ParSecurity is a locally owned and operated designer and installer of custom-designed commercial security systems. Our after-installation services, including 24×7 monitoring, are second-to-none.

Parsat Electronics Inc. operating under ParSecurity, was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

Since its inception, ParSecurity has committed to providing its commercial business clients with quality service and solutions. Our industry experts understand the strength and weakness of various physical security products and work closely with each customer to design a solution that is optimized for their unique needs and budgets.

Locally, Hundreds of Minnesota-based customers in retail, convenience/gas and grocery stores, restaurants, night clubs and event centers, health clubs, auto lots, apartment communities, industrial/warehouses, and high-end residences have turned to ParSecurity to obtain their security system.

Nationally, ParSecurity has also expanded its solutions by creating a mobile division offering industries like border protection, law enforcement, construction, disaster response, ranching/farming and airports with mobile surveillance.

We have built our reputation on the quality of our service and are committed to offering real solutions to all of our clients.

At the conclusion of each installation, we provide each customer with training on the operation of their new security system. We stand behind each new installation with a one-year, no questions asked service contract that covers all system components that we have sold.

We offer ongoing service and support of our installed equipment through either annual service agreements or on-call support services.

If you are interested in installing or upgrading your security, please call us today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

Intrusion Systems

Intrusion occurs when an unauthorized person enters your premises. At that moment, time is critical.

Parsecurity protects your business property and assets with a comprehensive set of intruder detection and alarm systems.

Working with you and the unique layout of your premises, we design a perimeter defense network of intrusion detection sensors that may include door contacts, motion detection and glass break sensors and other controls to monitor each possible entry point. We add a second line of defense with inside motion sensors and security cameras that offer video verification that helps positively identify intruders in real-time, ensuring that the police are dispatched for legitimate breaches of security.

Sensors are connected to onsite alarm panels which communicate with the central monitoring station either via phone line or wireless connection. Activated sensors alert the monitoring station to an alarm state which results in the prescribed action (e.g. contact police).

Video verification is quickly becoming a standard component of intrusion detection for commercial properties because it not only minimizes false alarms but can alert police quickly allowing them to arrive in time to possibly prevent damage to property or theft from occurring. In fact, many jurisdictions are now requiring video verification prior to dispatching their officers. Parsecurity video monitoring customers can take advantage of this capability.

Contact Parsecurity today for a no-cost evaluation of your intrusion protection needs. 763.571.4816

ParSecurity offers remote, real-time video surveillance to improve police response and reduce or eliminate false alarmsAlarm Monitoring services offer 24×7 response to intruder alerts. Our triple redundant service ensures that a dispatcher is immediately available to receive the alert and take the prescribed action.

ParSecurity offers remote, real-time video surveillance for its commercial business customers to improve police response and reduce or eliminate false alarm situations. Agents at our central station view live video feeds in response to a silent alarm notification. Agents access the situation based on the directions of each customer – and then take the appropriate action

Access Control

In the field of physical security, access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or resource. Access can mean consuming, entering or using a business asset or resource. Place might be an entire facility or room within the facility. Credentials provide individuals with permission to access the asset or resource.

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