RAJ PROCESS Tops In the Manufacturing of Conical Blender

MUMBAI, India -- 7th August, 2014: Raj Process has topped the chart when it comes to the production of blenders. With a gamut of premium standard blenders, it has acquired an appreciable client base not only in the national boundaries but also in the overseas. It offers a group of premium blenders which cater to a variety of industries through their versatile applications. The company has the required tools and equipments along with the right infrastructure to produce these products at large. The company is backed by the right warehousing and logistic system which helps it to store the products having a proper storage condition and transporting them to the clients at the right time.

The products that Raj Process offers at large include a set of blenders. The blenders are used at large in various industrial for mixing of various fluids or substances. Hence they are of great industrial significance. Among the blenders, the prime products are conical blender, blender having double cone and the ribbon blender that Raj Process offers to its clients. Apart from these there are other blenders like octagonal blender, V-shaped blender, mass mixer and cage blender which are used at different stages to mix various ingredients to form desired products. Among the blender manufacturers, Raj Process offers products of premium finishing and quality which are highly regarded among its clientele.

A senior official of the company said that, “We offer the best product in the market. Since we avail the best equipments and technology required for the production of these products, quality is a ground where we are not ready to negotiate. Being an accredited organization, we ensure our products serve to their optimum capacity to the clients which can be well understood by the positive reviews in the market. Our remarkable quality control and quality assurance team ensure excellent performance of these products by various tests and examinations and the products are only launched in the market when they generate satisfactory results.”

The blenders are usually used for the crystallization process. The chemical and the pharmaceutical industries are the prime sectors where these blenders come to use. The conical blender is used for mixing of different grades of powders and also for uniform heating and cooling. It is used for the addition of two or more liquids. It is used for the mixing of powders to liquids enabling a solid-liquid mixture. A blender with double cone is used in the food and chemical industries as well. Raj Process offers both these products of exclusive quality and offers unique features like maximum heat generation at minimum power consumption and accurate mixing.

Raj Process comprises of all the prime equipments for the production and the distribution of the blenders among the channel-partners. Among the blender manufacturers,the comapny is known for its premium infrastructure and production technology. The conical blender manufactured by Raj Process is in huge demand in the client industries. It also has dedicated sales force which ensures the proper sale and customer feedback to ensure any renovation in the process if required. The inventory and the logistic facilities are highly improved which help in the proper storage and transport of the product at the right time and the right place. Read more


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