The First Tesla 1 Sustainable Living Off-Grid Community Development

LOS ANGELES - Jan. 10, 2020 - Three Disruptive Revolutionary Changes coming to America and the World

Yes, all three of these of these dynamic changes will effect our world in the most significant and wonderful ways imaginable.

Tired of watching our planet and climate going to shit while greed driven opportunists cash in, if so, then right now is one of the most opportune times to change all of that.

Sure, we can donate our hard earned money to a politician candidate, we can do volunteer work, make telephone calls, and other things to support them or we can buy solar and only e-cars and get real change we want beginning right now!

Or, we can invest in Solar Power to our homes, purchase our next home from Developers who create communities like the Tesla 1 Sustainable Developments, and refuse to buy anything but E-Technology Automobiles to help Break Our Addiction to Toxic OIL.

By Refusing to Buy Anything But E-Technology Cars You Will Help Break Our Addiction to Dirty Filthy Oil Plus:

Put an end to WAR (Genocide Invasions of indigenous people) to steal their oil
Put an end to Global Warming By Supporting Responsible Green Technology
Put an end to the need for Filthy Dirty Oil Pipelines
Put an end to Fracking and the Water Pollution and Global Warming it causes
Put an end to Automobile Exhaust Pipes Spewing out Toxic Gases
Put an end to all respiratory diseases related to poor toxic air quality
Put an end to the Oil Addiction destroying our lives and our planet

Yes, the politician candidate will talk a good talk, tell you what you want to hear, shake your hand and act real cool and caring.

Yet, we do not have to care what the politicians candidates promise to do when we have the option of just doing for our selves what we believe in.

Elon has done so very much to address the problems of backward design and to introduce clean reliable sustainable efficient design to our residences and communities that make Off-Grid Living a reality for everyone!

Clearly, this is one of the most opportune moments in our history where the Buying Power of our American Consumer Majority will have more power and impact than at perhaps at any other time in our history!

Yes, we can go Green all the way and stop the insanity!




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