Honry Group, established in 1985, is a pioneer in the yarn-dyed fabric industry, encompassing the entire life cycle of fabric production from raw material selection to the delivery of finished products. Our expansive facility, spanning 36,800 square meters, integrates design, production, and sales, equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment and modern office spaces.

Our production process begins with the careful selection and procurement of raw materials like cotton, silk, and wool, ensuring the highest quality at the source. Through the process of spinning, these materials are transformed into yarns. The weaving stage is crucial, where these yarns are interlaced on looms to create diverse textures and structures.

Subsequently, our fabrics undergo bleaching and dyeing to achieve the desired colors and appearances, with the option of printing to add patterns. The finishing process, including heat setting and softening treatments, enhances the fabric's feel and performance. Finally, every fabric is rigorously inspected and packaged, ready to be dispatched to markets and garment manufacturers worldwide.

Honry Group's product range, including premium cotton, poly-cotton, bubble fabrics, jacquard, and more, caters to various apparel applications. With over 130 advanced air-jet looms from brands like Murata, Toyota, and Tsudakoma, our daily output averages 250,000 meters, amounting to an annual production of 20 million meters. This capacity has enabled us to forge lasting relationships with global retailers such as LIDL, COSTCO, PRIMARK, ZARA, and WALMART.

Our commitment to quality is reinforced by international certifications like OEKOTEX-100, OCS, GRS, and ISO9001. At Honry Group, we take pride in our comprehensive approach to fabric production, ensuring excellence at every stage, and meeting the needs of major brands and garment manufacturers worldwide.

  • Country/region:China (Mainland)
  • Mobile phone:86-25-85773200
  • Website:http://www.honryfabric.com/
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