Company Development History:

2005: PVC automobile foot mat, products are mainly general-purpose

2008: Launched the indentation model car mats, started the "Vehicle specific fit" exploration

2012: Launched the splicing model car mats and determined the "Vehicle-specific fit" product concept

2015: Internet transformation, the layout of the online shopping platform

2016: Product iteration, the introduction of TPE foot mat production line.

2018: Establishment of production lines for automobile navigation tempered film and electric phone holder.

2021: Introduced 3D scanning and modeling technology, and opened the mold for real cars.

2023: Has a precise pattern database of more than 800 car models, realizing single-day sales of 2,000+ on the online platform.

Corporate Culture:

Exquisite accessories, make every drive a joyful journey!


Embellish your driving, and brighten your life: exquisite accessories, make every drive a joyful journey!

In our company, we firmly believe that the car is not just a means of transportation, but also a part of life, a reflection of personal taste, and an extension of a unique personality. Therefore, our mission is to create a better, more comfortable, and personalized car life for every car owner, and to make their driving experience more joyful and more enjoyable by carefully designing and manufacturing car accessories.

Our values:

1. Leading in Innovation

We always uphold the spirit of innovation, and constantly explore new design concepts and technologies to provide customers with the most forward-looking and unique automotive accessory products. We believe that only through continuous innovation can lead the development of the industry.

2. Quality first

Whether it is design, manufacture or service, we always pursue excellent quality. We strictly control every step of the process to ensure that every product can stand the test of time and bring customers a long-lasting experience.

3. Vehicle-specific fit

We understand that different car models have different characteristics and styles, so we offer customized options for different models, tailoring unique car accessories for each car owner to show their car's personality.

4. User Experience

Customer satisfaction is the standard by which we measure everything. We not only focus on the quality of the product itself but also on providing a quality shopping experience and after-sales service to ensure that our customers can feel our care and dedication throughout the purchase process.

5. Social Responsibility

As a company, we are well aware of our social responsibility. We are committed to promoting sustainable development, focusing on the use of environmentally friendly materials, reducing our impact on the environment, and creating more value for society.

By adhering to these values, we will continue to work hard to create more amazing auto accessories, so that every car owner can feel unparalleled pleasure and confidence in driving, car life is better because of us!

  • Products/services:"Car Screen Protector, Car Phone Holder
  • Street:Xiwang Building, No. 136 Dunhua Road, Shibei District, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China
  • Country/region:China (Mainland)
  • Mobile phone:+86-18765707337
  • Website:http://www.bestway-auto.com/
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