My Review: Where I Did My Yoga Teacher Training In Nepal

Nepal, July 22,2019- It has been some time that I had this desire to learn & teach, to help others, to contribute. For some reason, I was drawn to become a certified yoga teacher, and I decided to do my Yoga Teacher training Nepal. After researching the country, I learned that yoga actually originates from the indo Nepal region so perhaps my intuition was, as always, guiding me towards the right choice.

However, when I googled for Yoga Teacher training Nepal, the choices which came were so many that I was overwhelmed and there I just couldn’t go with the intuition.

I started to wonder for where can I do my Yoga teacher training in Nepal?

If you are also considering to do your Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal, then the below will be of some help. I chose to do my Yoga Teacher training in Nepal from Vedic Yoga Academy which is in Pokhara and the below listed is my experience.

How To Get There: If you’re arriving from the International Airport, a transfer can be arranged (mine was free of charge) but if you’re arriving from elsewhere in Nepal, just hop into a bus or taxi towards Pokhara.

What To Expect: As a foodie, I was a bit concerned about the food at Vedic Yoga Academy, considering the fact that I was staying with them for 28 days but the food was so good that I was over the moon – every damn day, mind you; literally I would finish my breakfast then immediately start fantasizing about lunch due to excitement. The food was organic, with less spices (I am such a spice lightweight) and satvik which was good for me.

I took some time to explore the local Nepalese culture and the staff was kind enough to either answer every random question I had, or told to visit the places where I can experience true local nepali culture. I also appreciated the fact that on the compound there was an assortment of produce, and the Vedic Yoga Academy had its own garden to grow organic produce.

the yoga course: spanning 28 days over 200 hours Yoga Teacher training in Nepal, it was surely intense – but also physically and mentally rewarding; physically because the body finally received the treatment it needs and mentally because my mind finally learned to unlearn. The theoretical aspect of the course can be compared to the opening of pandora’s box as the history of yoga spans centuries and the depth of the topic is bottomless. But trust me, you’re going to want to continue learning even once you’ve returned home as 200 hours is actually just scraping the surface.

To know more about the Yoga Teacher training in Nepal you can click their 200 hours course

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