Liquid Vitamin B12 in Raspberry Flavour – Vegan, Gluten Free and GMO Free

Do you always feel tired and low on energy? There are high chances of you suffering from Vitamin B deficiency. Most people in the United States have health issues due to lack of Vitamin B12. Its time you start paying attention to your daily vitamin B12 consumption.
Vitamin B12 is very essential for the human body but unfortunately the human body does not itself produce Vitamin B12. Thus, for the human body’s requirement of Vitamin B12, we are dependent on animal-based foods ( egg, fish, meat, poultry ) or health supplements. We should consume Vitamin B12 regularly since the body does not store Vitamin B12 for a long time.
The suggested dosage of Vitamin B12 supplement depends on many factors like your age, diet, medical history and current medicinal intake. An estimate of age-wise requirements is as below:
• Up to 6 months : 0.4 mcg
• 7-12 months : 0.5 mcg
• 1-3 years : 0.9 mcg
• 4-8 years : 1.2 mcg
• 9-13 years : 1.8 mcg
• 14 years and above : 2.4 mcg
• Pregnant females : 2.6 mcg
• Breastfeeding females : 2.8 mcg
Introducing,made is USA, 100% vegan VitBoost’s Vitamin B12. This high quality methylcobalamin supplement is in liquid form and is thus quickly absorbed in the blood stream from the mouth itself. The human body liver does not get stressed due to this Vitamin B12.We are manufacturing the supplement in raspberry flavour and it tastes really good. This is also gluten free, allergen free and GMO free.
Consuming sufficient amounts of Vitamin B12 makes you feel healthy and energetic. You enjoy your active lifestyleand have more stamina. Vitamin B12 liquid supplement from VitBoost has high absorption and offers an instant boost of energy. It is also ideal for pre-workout consumption.
Adequate levels of Vitamin B12allows both the brain and body to work efficiently.Vitamin B12 also assists the body in making the DNA and the red blood cells.
Add vitamin B12 to your daily meals and experience a more energetic self today!
Shop for VitBoost’s Vitamin B12 today!

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