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FRP or Fiber Reinforced Plastic is gradually gaining popularity in the recent years because of various reasons. The products made from this material are durable and can withstand any kind of pressure. Therefore these are used in making various industrial structures. These reduce the risk of accidents, as well. FRP products are available in the market at affordable price rates. The company ArchitEX produces one of the best roofing and cladding products or other structural products for industrial uses. The structures are made involving the procedure of pultrusions. There are various kind of structures available based on the structural magnificence.

About The Company:

Treadwell, over many years, is noted for providing solutions to various industries including roofing and siding structures. The company is renowned for providing an affordable solution to the galvanization facilities, structures used in various industries and wastewater plants. Treadwell is also a renowned supplier of several other anti-slip mechanisms like stair nosing, floor grating and handrails made of FRP which is resistant to corrosion and thermal changes.

Services Offered By the Company:

The company as stated above supplies multiple FRP channels and FRP beams required in the industries. The main options that offer structural magnificence are noted as below:

· Structural FRP:

These include options to hold a structure in place. The angles and panels are specially created to tolerate various types of natural ailments and are also resistant to acids and chemicals.

· Fabricated FRP:

These include platform structures used in building a complete framework of any infrastructure. All the structures are made using fiberglass.

· Roofing And Cladding Structures:

These include construction of various walkable roofing along with louvers and vents. Wall claddings are also available attaining better constructive brilliance.

Apart from the structures mentioned above the company is also capable of providing various other structures like FRP grating, clips, instrumentation stands, beams, pultruded materials, etc.

Why Choose The Company?

There are various reasons that make the company a trusted brand is a supply of pultruded materials. There are several different options offered by the company that make it a renowned supplier. The following are few points that make the company one of the best providers:

1. The company provides services to several different industries like the aquaculture, chemical, petrochemical, marine, food and beverage, shipping and many more

2. A wide range of products is available to choose from.

3. Affordable rates and variation in designs make the products popular.

4. Products are durable and cost efficient.

5. The products are resistant to a highly corrosive environment and also high temperature.


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