Use of Muffle Furnaces in Industrial Laboratory

FARIDABAD, India -- Muffle Furnaces are widely used in industrial laboratories to measure the presence of ash content in a specimen. The instrument is extensively used in rubber industries to determine the same. The presence of ash content in a material offers fundamental insight into the mechanical properties of the material. The instrument is designed basically as per ASTM and IS standard test methods. The instrument has a wide variety of applications in which it is used like in medical research, metal treatments, rubber industry, agricultural purposes and wool industries, etc.

The instrument is available in the market with different specifications and in amazing designs which serve the need of different customers at a time. The machine is very easy to install and operate. To operate the instrument, simply set the desired temperature and the digital controller of the machine will automatically heat and control the furnace. These models are designed and manufactured for fulfilling the requirements for various applications to test various types of inorganic and macrobiotic test specimens. Moreover, to perform cost-saving and energy-saving operations, the instrument is manufactured from the thermal efficient products.

Test Procedure of Muffle Furnace

To commence a test procedure, first of all, take a weight of the specimen on which you need to perform the test. Now burn the sample and now take the weight of the ash content and measure the percentage of ash content. For this, you also require to tear the test sample in small grates and then place it on the already weighed crucible. Again, check the weight of the specimen. After performing this, heat up the crucible at high temperature over a burner to burn the paper completely. Now transfer the crucible in the muffle furnace at a temperature of 800±25 Degree Celsius or as per the determined standards. Now generate the heat until the matter burnt off completely. Now take off the specimen and cool it down. Now take its weight. Repeat the entire procedure until the weight become constant.

Formula of Ash Content Measurement

Ash, % by weight = 100 a-x/b-x


“a” is Weight in gram of the crucible (W3), “b”= weight of the crucible and the material (W1), “x”= weight of the crucible (W2).

To determine the accurate result, it is better to take three tests and take the maximum, minimum and average readings.

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