Design Principles of Drilling Solids Control System

XI'AN, China -- Drilling fluids solids control system(solids control system) is one of the most important system for storing, configuration, circulating, purifying and recycling drilling fluid. It is usually consist of necessary five stage purification solids control equipment,such as shale shaker, vacuum degasser, cyclone desander(, desilter,mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge(,drilling fluid tanks,overhead line (from wellhead to drilling shale shaker), drilling pump suction pipeline, mixing pump suction and discharge pipeline, sea water pipeline, drilling water pipeline, oil base mud pipeline,medium pressure mud gun pipeline, shear pump suction and discharge pipeline,mud tank bottom connected pipeline, supply pipeline, discharge pipeline and other piping components.

Solid control system is equipped with drilling supply device, weighted hopper, weighted pump, desander pump, desilter pump, shear pump,supplies pump, oil-based pump,drilling fluid mud agitator, and other auxiliary equipment. It also has walkways, ladders, rails and other safety devices.

In solids control system( design requirements, we need to configure drilling fluid handling equipment, they can effectively remove the harmful particles greater than the 5-15 micron in drilling fluid, and retain useful solids phase,to provide high quality drilling fluid for drilling operations. According to requirements of SY / T6223-2005"Use and Maintenance of Drilling Fluid Purification Device", selection of drilling fluid purification equipment need to follow the following principles: shale shaker, vacuum degasser, cyclone desander, desilter(,mud cleaner's handling capacity should be 100% ~ 125% of the maximum total displacement of drilling pump, and the sand pump and motor equipped should meet the above skills; drilling fluid handling capacity of centrifuge is usually 5% ~ 10% of the maximum displacement of drilling.

In solids control system design requirements, the effective volume of drilling fluid tank is usually 75% of the total volume. Drilling fluid tank need to meet the following design requirements:

1, The drilling fluid circulating tank should be able to accommodate the largest amount of drilling fluid during the drilling process;

2, Each cabin in mud tank should be set overflow port and the connecting pipe with a bottom valve according to process requirements;

3, The overall strength of the drilling mud tank should be able to meet the requirements of lifting, transport and drilling fluid with use density of 2.5g / cm3;

4, Each compartment shall be provided with a outlet for sand cleaning, the opening's under edge should be at the same level with the bottom of the tank, may be lower than the tank bottom;

5, All the seals units need to meet the requirements of oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant, H2S,and can use various drilling fluids.

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