Why Should You Choose Die Casting?

SHENZHEN, China -- Die casting is a forming processing that fill the liquid or semisolid metal in a die cavity with very high speed, under high pressure, after cooled down, and get a finished geometry. So, high pressure and high speed inspection are the two features of die casting. In die casting, inspection pressure always ranges from several thousands to dozens of thousands Kpa. At the same time, its inspection speed is around 10-50m/s, sometimes will go over 100m/s. Therefore, filling time cost few, always in 0.01-0.2s.

Compared with liquid forming processing, die casting have follow advantages:

1, Good quality
1) High accuracy, will go up to IT11-IT13,even IT9.

2) Good surface roughness, always in Ra0.8-3.2µm, Ra0.4µm in maximum.

3) Compact texture, high strength and hardness. Liquid metal is cooled down under high pressure, and the filling time cost few, cooling speed is very fast, which result in a smooth and compact surface, and that will improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance, also the hardness.

4) Stable dimension, good uniformity

5) Liquid metal will flow fast under high pressure, which will achieve metal parts with complex geometry, thick walls and deep holes, these parts other processing can manufacture easily

2, High production efficiency
High machine productivity.
Foe example, homemade J III 3 horizontal cold chamber die casting machine can finish 600-700 times per 8 hours. Small hot chamber die casting machine can finish 3000-7000 times per 8 hours.

Die toolings have long lifetime.
A die tooling that used for aluminum alloy parts have a lifetime of 60k-80k times. Mechanization and automation can be achieve easily.

3, Good economic effects
High usage rate of material
like metal injection molding parts, die casting parts with good accuracy and good roughness can be used directly, don’t need to be machined or few machined. Which improve the usage rate of material, and reduce the usage of manufacturing machines. The usage rate of material is around 60%-80%, the usage rate of drafts is around 90%.

Cheap prices
It can be achieved that match other parts made of other match with die casting parts by casting, which saves precious metal and work time, and satisfies function requirements, expand the application range, reduce assembling workload, and simply the processing.

However, die casting costs very much, which is the biggest weakness. Compared with other casting processings, its machines, die toolings and relative parts is very expensive. So die casting will get economic only when used for mass production. Besides, die casting is available only for metal with good flowability, and parts with weight between 30g with 10 kg. Normally, the last batch of finished parts have voids, and therefore can’t be heated or welded.

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Leif Tan

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