Molybdenum Alloys: Varieties of Applications

IRVINE, Calif. -- Molybdenum alloys are in much used today because of some specific qualities of molybdenum. Its unique chemical and mechanical properties pave the way for production of various kinds of alloys. It is possible to get a perfect product which is capable of meeting your exact requirements. Some of these distinctive qualities include high level of thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion and very high melting point.

All-Round Performer

Molybdenum is an indisputable all round performing element that can serve various types of purposes. For example, one can get wires and ribbons used in lighting sector. For power electronic industry, semiconductor base plates can be produced. Moreover, it is also used in production of sputtering targets of solar cells coating, flat screens, glass melting electrodes and high temperature furnaces. Its extraordinary chemical resistance makes it perfect for many chemical applications.

Depending upon the application, you can decide whether you need molybdenum alloys or pure molybdenum. Addition of a particular type of alloy allows us to get a perfect matching product for any application. For example, addition of carbide makes it usable across all temperature ranges. Rhenium increases its ductility at room temperature. If you wish to increase the thermal conductivity then copper can do it without making a big difference to coefficient of expansion. On the other hand, if your motto is to boost creep resistance and recrystallization temperature, then oxides are better additives.

We also have the flexibility of determining physical properties, chemical properties, and mechanical properties along with machinability and recrystallization behavior.

Alloy Types in the Market

Titanium zirconium molybdenum or TZM is an alloy which is produced by use of extremely fine carbides in small quantity. It is suitable for high temperature applications such as rotating anodes in X-ray tubes or forging tools due to better creep resistance. However, in case of extreme mechanical and thermal loads, it is better to use molybdenum hafnium carbon or MHC. It is an ideal choice for metal forming applications.

Molybdenum lanthanum oxide or MLO is an alloy that has stacked fiber structure. This quality allows it to withstand the high temperature up to 2,000 degree Celsius. This alloy is used to machine stranded and other wires and evaporator coils. It is also used in feeding and retention of wires in lighting industry. However, you should use MoILQ in stead of MLO in the applications where forming is required. Halogen lamps, incandescent lamps and production of filaments are some areas where MoILQ is used.

Molybdenum tungsten (MoW), molybdenum rhenium (MoRe), molybdenum copper (MoCu), molybdenum zirconium oxide (MoZrO2), molybdenum niobium (MoNb) and molybdenum tantalum (MoTa) are some other molybdenum-based alloys that are useful in different areas.

Molybdenum and tungsten have many similar qualities because both of these elements belong to same group in periodic table. Moreover, many chemical properties along with atomic structure and outstanding thermal conductivity are also common in both elements. However, molybdenum is preferred because its ability to deform at low temperature makes it easy to use.

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