Molybdenum Products: Rods, Sheets, Plates and Wires

IRVINE, Calif. -- Molybdenum is referred to as a refractory metal. This is an uncommon metal that boasts amazing resistance to heat and other unique physical characteristics. Moly is used largely in industrial processes that cannot be done with weaker metals that are ruined by high temperatures. Mo is suitable in applications that require high melting points. When temperatures are increased, the strength of moly also increases. It is therefore safe in hot furnaces than most rare metals are. In addition to great thermal and electrical conductivity, molybdenum metal boasts low coefficient of expansion.

This characteristic makes Mo the key metal required by electrical and electronic engineers. Because of its extraordinary properties, moly is used to make different products. It is shaped into many forms, sizes and dimensions. Each product has a pre-determined use that the customer should already know about prior to ordering it. If customers want assistance, they should contact the internet-based molybdenum companythey are using. Many online vendors have placed their contact details on their websites.

Some of them have real time instant chatting tools at the bottom right corner of their sites. Molybdenum products can be made to order. The seller can cut, shear, grind or slit molybdenum parts according to the specifications of a customer. Mo rods are examples of available products for sale. Together with molybdenum sheets and plates, moly rods are used to manufacture sophisticated missiles. Specifically, they are used to generate parts such as high-temperature proof structural components, nose cones, support vanes, shields for heat radiation, nozzles and re-entry cones among other things.

Molybdenum plates, rods and sheets are also employed in the electronics industry. They are utilized in the manufacturing of magnetron end hats filaments, seals (glass to metal), x-ray tube parts and cathodes. As stated above, molybdenum is highly desirable because of its ability to resist high temperatures. Because of this wonderful property, Mo plates, rods and sheets are very useful in making containers that normally host substances that are heated in very hot furnaces. They are also applicable in furnace windings.

Another commonly available product is the molybdenum wires. This is rampantly used in the manufacturing of power tube grids. It is also needed in the construction of power support structures. Both activities require an environment that is comprised of very high temperatures, low thermal expansion and low vapor pressure. Another common use for a Mo wire is in the furnace when resistance heating components are being made. It works very well in heavily heated, vacuum hydrogen atmosphere furnaces.

Moly wires can act as a heat sink in lighting fixtures containing tungsten filaments. All the above-mentioned products: molybdenum rods, sheets, plates and wires come in varied sizes sand weights. It’s important to know the size prior to ordering. Sheets are usually big because many smaller products are cut from them. There are vendors who sell up to five thousand kilograms of sheets each month. A good vendor describes their moly items to ease the decision making process of a prospective customer. It is a good idea to read product descriptions. Doing price comparisons to arrive at the most affordable rate for a given moly product is much recommended too.

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Stanford Materials Corporation is a worldwide supplier of various oxides, metals, alloys, advanced ceramic materials, and minerals. It was established in 1994 to supply high quality rare earth products to our customers in the research and development fields. To meet increasing demands for rare earth products and other materials, Stanford Materials now carries a variety of materials to serve not only our customers in research and development but also manufacturers in the ceramic, metallurgy and electronic industries. Stanford Materials carries both technical grade materials for industries as well as high purity chemicals (up to 99.99999%) for research institutes.

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