Molybdenum Products: Chemical and Metallurgical Options

IRVINE, Calif. -- Molybdenum is a metal that has many sophisticated uses. Often called Moly, molybdenum metal was discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1778. Its name is derived from the Greek word: molybdos. The English translation of the word molybdos is lead-like. When raw and pure, Moly has shimmering grey color. Molybdenum weight and melting point are higher than iron’s. Because of its superior qualities, this metal is mainly used to make industrial chemicals and sturdy metal alloys. Molybdenum products can be bought online. There are many molybdenum suppliers and distributors that sell ready-made items. Some of the items include:

1. Chemical Moly Products

Each molybdenum product is made for a given purpose. Therefore a prospective buyer should know the use for the item they intend to order. Chemicals that contain Moly have many uses such as:

• Catalysts

• Lubricants

• Rust(corrosion) inhibitors

• Sintered molybdenum metal parts

• Color pigments and

• Suppressants of smoke.

Molybdenum manufacturers sell many different chemicals including ammonium heptamolybdate, ammonium octamolybdate, molybdenum disulfide, calcined pure molybdic oxide, sublimed pure molybdic oxide, ammonium dimolybdate and sodium molybdate among others. Prior to ordering any chemical substance, one should be sure it will suit their needs.

2. Metallurgical molybdenum products

Because Moly is hard, durable and resilient in high temperatures, it is used mainly in the steel industry. Research shows that eighty percent of molybdenum that is mined across the world is consumed by steel industry alone. The key molybdenum application in the steel industry includes strengthening and improvement of mechanical properties of steel metal and its super alloys. Different percentages of Moly are added to the following grades of steel.

• Construction steel alloys

• High speed and tool steel metals

• Stainless steel

• Super alloys

• Cast steels and cast irons.

Metallurgical molybdenum products are comprised of at least one percent molybdenum. It is added to these alloys to become harder, tougher, resistant to heat and easy to solder. They include construction alloy steels that are used to make components for different industrial machines, mining equipment and trucks. Extremely high temperature steels for power generation machines and heat exchangers also contain at least 1% molybdenum. HSLA (high strength low alloy steels) that are normally used in the manufacture of pipes for ferrying oil and gas contain Moly.

When molybdenum metal is needed to enhance the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, about one to four percent of it is added. But it is not unusual to find higher percentages in some stainless steel metals. Super alloy contains the highest concentration of molybdenum. Up to thirty percent of molybdenum is added to super alloys that are used to construct turbine wheels and jet engines. High speed steel metals, tool steels, steel castings and cast iron contains thirteen percent metallurgical molybdenum. All the above items are sold on the internet. It is very easy to buy them from a US-based molybdenum supplier owning a website. A prospective customer will be in a position to view each molybdenum product prior to ordering it.

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