Acetone Poisoning: Rare Yet Deadly

While rare, acetone poisoning can occur. Experts advise exercising caution for those who work with –or around- the chemical.

“Acetone poisoning is rare,” states Lydia Krause of “The body is capable of breaking down large amounts of acetone naturally. Therefore, for overexposure to occur, very large amounts must be produced, ingested, or inhaled.”

However, even though poisoning is rare, it can be deadly. While uncommon, poisoning due to inhalation or ingestion can occur –making safety precautions an important part of working around acetone products.

“Even though acetone is an ingredient in hundreds of common household products, acetone poisoning is very low,” notes Custom Chemicals Services, a Hitchcock, Texas based company that provides custom chemical solutions for companies. “However, it is important to adhere to safety information when using products that contain acetone.”

Acetone is naturally found in the body, but it doesn’t present a problem unless there is too much to break down.

“Every day, the body breaks down fats into organic molecules called ketones,” explains Lydia Krause. “Ketones contain acetone and travel through the bloodstream until they are broken down in the liver. Acetone poisoning can occur when an abnormally high amount of ketones is present.”

Custom Chemical Services adds that acetone poisoning can occur when there are usually high amounts of ketones present in the blood stream.

“The body uses organic molecules known as ketones to break down fats. Ketones contain acetone, and they travel through the bloodstream until they reach the liver,” explains Custom Chemical Solutions. “Acetone poisoning can occur when there is an unusually high amount of ketones in your bloodstream.”

Acetone poisoning can also occur by inhaling certain products, which is why safety should be exercised when working around chemicals.

Custom Chemical Solutions reminds that overexposure to chemicals can also lead to acetone poisoning. “Ingestion of acetone can happen if rubbing alcohol is ingested for intoxication, or if nail polish remover is ingested,” their website states. “Overexposure can also be caused by inhaling large amounts of certain paint fumes in confined spaces.”

Custom Chemical Solutions provides chemicals, and safety information. For more information on acetone for safety, or for purchase visit:

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