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SURREY, Canada -- Transportation of your heavy recreational vehicle can be difficult. ATVs/UTVs are the bulkiest and are designed to drive on rough terrain. The use of robust engines and tires add to the weight of the vehicle and make them heavy which makes the transportation to off road areas more challenging. For this reason there are services providers who design systems to make it easy for people to move around their recreational vehicles. They use different systems and accessories to make the task of loading and unloading easy and safe.

Loadit is one of these companies that manufacture recreational loading systems that are more versatile and user friendly to meet the needs of today’s market. One of the most popular for the transport of your atv/utv vehicle is the ATV/UTV loading system which allows for the safe and easy loading and unloading of your ATV, All Terrains Vehicle and UTV, Utility Vehicles. There are folding ramps, 12 feet in length that help with the loading of these vehicles onto the back of a truck. This system is adjustable and can fit on any turck. The platform is designed to accommodate every wheelbase and thus, can be adjusted easily. Once the loading is done, the ramps are conveniently stored in the truck bed and later used for unloading.

The entire loading system utlizes a special extrusion which allows it to be changed easily from truck to truck and can be adjusted to suit the size of every ATV and UTV. The ramps are available in two sizes, standard 1400 pound capacity and 2200 pound capacity and fold in half to around 7 feet. The remarkable point about these Truck ATV Racks is that they come with one aluminium wheel lock and one wheel bonnet for each ATV. These locks are helpful in keeping the ATV/UTV in place, getting rid of extensive tie-downs and eliminating any security worries. Thanks to the advanced technology utilized in this loading system you can now successfully load and unload your recreational vehicles without any problems.

Over Cab ATV/UTV loaders allow you to fit two ATVs sideways or one UTV lengthwise. Loadit is a reputed company and has been providing top quality loading systems and customer service to their customers for the past eight years. Believing in the value of customers, the company is always striving to offer the highest quality products, using the latest technology ,at a fair price. They offer a variety of loading systems and accessories to make the transportation of your heavy recreational vehicles easier than ever before.

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