New RadFlash® Dosimeter Gives Real-Time Readings at Your Fingertips

Polimaster® innovative electronic personal dosimeter offers best-in-class radiation dose detection

STERLING, Va., May 25, 2023 - Polimaster Inc., one of the world leaders in solutions for radiation control, announces the release of RadFlash®, a groundbreaking electronic personal dosimeter.

Medical personnel, customs and security officers, and many other professionals work in contexts with X-ray and gamma radiation exposure. Monitoring this exposure is essential to ensuring safe and successful operations. With a suite of advanced capabilities, RadFlash® offers high safety and functionality for personal dose monitoring tasks.

"RadFlash® gives you immediate feedback, high precision, and unmatched flexibility," said James Mehalchick, President of Polimaster Inc. "With this industry-leading device, medical and security professionals can increase their comfort and confidence, while simplifying the data management process. This all translates into greater safety and higher efficiency."

An active dosimeter, RadFlash® detects and displays radiation exposure readings in real time. It features a precise LCD screen readout and uses programmable visual and audible alarms, so that the wearer can immediately react to any changes in the exposure environment. Thus, it functions flawlessly as a standalone device.

"Each detail of its design," said Mehalchick, "from the precise detector down to its resistance to disinfecting agents, is focused on improving user experience and long-term device performance, for the ultimate protection."

Other features include:

Intuitive single control button
Two independent alarm thresholds for both dose and dose rate
Bluetooth integration
Wireless charging
Miniature, lightweight design (2.5"x1.97"x0.7"; ≤ 50 g)
Functionality can be expanded through the use of the Polismart® app, which lets users monitor readings and control device settings from a tablet or smartphone. The app automatically calculates a safe stay time based on the dose and dose rate data.

In addition to Polismart®, Polimaster offers an Automated Personal Dosimetry System PM530 and a Real-Time Dosimetry System PM531. With these, organizations can collect, monitor, and manage employee exposure data with ease, saving time while ensuring safety and compliance with protocols.

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About Polimaster, Inc.
Since 2004, Polimaster, Inc. has designed and manufactured world-class solutions for radiation detection, monitoring, and control. Every day, thousands of industry professionals rely on its products to protect themselves, others, and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation. Polimaster's mission is to combine technical expertise and cutting-edge technology to enhance the safety of people everywhere.

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