Made in AI – First Sci-Fi Sitcom Created Using Artificial Intelligence

Bristol, United Kingdom, April 27, 2023 - Sci-Fi sitcom Made in AI is a weekly podcast following an AI family as they blunder through their mission to save the planet. The show production relies on multiple AI platforms to generate plot concepts, write script elements, and voice all the actors’ parts.

The show creator, David Sloly, is now linking platforms such as Auto-GPT, generative search and speech synthesis to train AI to create a fully autonomous episode. In the future, David imagines a coherent episode of Made in AI being entirely written and performed by AI with minimal human intervention. And with the advances in speech synthesis, AI actors will sound even more human-like.

Sloly says:
“While some people in the creative industry worry about artificial intelligence taking their jobs, others are quietly using AI to generate original ideas, plots, and narratives and even deliver performances.

“With the arrival of ChatGPT, powerful speech synthesis software, and AI-enabled production software, creatives can use AI tools to create new concepts, prototype ideas and create original content.

“With the low entry cost and relative ease of use, the creative industry is all set for an explosion in AI-created content."

As AI evolves, so does the show's use of AI to improve the output. Sloly explains: "Autonomous goal-setting technologies are learning what my characters have said in the past and what they are most likely to do when facing a particular challenge.

“It's generally understood that AI telling gags is poor, but well-defined characters overcoming situations with comedic outcomes is a possibility using AI. The audience – mostly human – seems to love it so far.”

David Sloly is a technology pioneer and comedy producer (Gold Sony Award, MOBO award, previous productions rated in the top 3 most influential radio shows by The Guardian Newspaper). He studied AI at Saïd Business School, is the co-owner of the strategic marketing agency HarveyDavid and is available for interviews.

To listen to Made in AI, open your go-to podcast platform and search Made in AI or visit
David Sloly

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