Which one is the better PHP Framework - Laravel or Codeigniter - in Security and Speed?

PHP is an open-source scripting language that is used by many web development companies. It is very popular worldwide because it provides developers with all the features and functions that they need to develop the server-side of their website or web application.

In this article, we will talk about two different PHP web application development frameworks that are in demand in the market but confuse new web developers. The two frameworks that we are going to discuss and compare, are Laravel and CodeIgniter.

Both of them are great in their own way, so it depends on the users which one they want.

Laravel Framework
If we look at the most popular web frameworks of 2019 this one is ranked 10th. This says a lot about the framework.

It is really easy to learn and there are many free and paid tutorials available for it on the internet. It also has an active community of developers that are dedicated to improving the platform.

These people are also very active in helping each other which makes new developers choose this framework.

If we talk about the real world, this PHP web application development framework is used for rapid application development.

This is a fast development framework that is mostly used for general purpose websites and web application development. Also, if we talk about security then it is at the core of this framework.

This allows users to develop websites that are very safe in nature. Developers do not need to worry about the integration of other security measures to make the websites safe for users.

The security feature of the framework allows users to keep the website safe from all kinds of attacks. This is something that protects the websites from the attackers who try to inject different things into the SQL statements.

This is something that the developers are afraid of, and this makes the website behave in a very different way.

One of the integrated functions of this framework is Artisan. This function helps developers in handling repetitive tasks.

This secures the website and also makes it easy to manage the information that is stored in the database. It gives the developers and the development community the freedom to do other important things for development.

This makes it really easy for developers to write the code for the website and to manage it. The code also stays very simple and even if some other developer reads the code, it will be easy for them to understand.

It also allows developers to manage their database systems more efficiently.

Laravel being the most popular PHP development framework is something that does not shock many people. The framework is easy to understand, it is the platform that is used widely around the world.

This also improves the scalability of the website, which means that developers can make additions to the website whenever they want. Having a platform that allows developers to do all this is great.

This platform also allows developers to go to the older state of the program. There are various things that make the development of the backend of a website exciting.

There is no other framework in PHP development services which has so many things. This framework also provides users with other features that keep the process of development fun and interesting.

Without a doubt, this is a platform that deserves the popularity that it has.

CodeIgniter Framework
This is a PHP web development MVC framework that is something different from others and it stands out. There are many codes that are similar.

And that allows developers to focus on the important parts of an application. This enhances the performance of the application and also increases the speed of development.

Because of this feature, we can say that this framework is fast in terms of development speed.

This is one of the PHP web development frameworks that was launched in the early phases. Having the status of a veteran PHP framework, this is still considered as one of the most powerful frameworks that can be used for web development.

With its fast and secure nature, it also ensures the clients that their website will be made in the best way with the best framework. This allows developers to develop complex websites without putting in too much effort.

It is also something that attracts people towards it. The setting up of this framework is also very easy.

This is not completely based on MVC i.e., Model, View, Control. The view classes are not compulsory to include but the control classes are.

This is something that gives developers flexibility in the development process.

This framework is mainly known for its speed. They offer better speed for development operations as compared to other web development frameworks.

This is one of the frameworks that developers can choose while they are in the initial phase of web development. It is easy to use and its futons and features make development fun.

CodeIgniter also provides great performance. This is the reason why developers are not forced to use a template when they want to integrate the backend code into HTML.

Because there is no need to convert the PHP development code, developers can develop web applications that run better and at a high speed.

The Comparision
It is not easy to decide between Laravel and CodeIgniter because they are both great in their own ways as it has been mentioned in this article. Both of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

If the requirements of the PHP development company of the developers are that of a new, fast, and more secure platform, they need to go with Laravel. But, if they want to have something that allows them to develop complex websites easily without putting in too much effort, then CodeIgniter is also great.

This all depends on the requirements of the users and that is what influences the decision of developers or development companies. Both frameworks are fast and secure, though Laravel is better at security.

CodeIgniter is not bad either.

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