A Future of Innovation and Strategic Transformation

The world that we live in is advancing at an uncommon pace. Enterprises are attempting to adjust to new advancements like Artificial Intelligence, 5G, IoT, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and that's just the beginning. The center of such change is the computerized foundation that requires an association to remain flexible and coordinated.

The world that we live in is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Industries are trying to adapt to new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, 5G, IoT , Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and more. The core of such transformation is the digital infrastructure that requires an organisation to stay resilient and agile.

When we talk of innovation, one company that celebrates this is Schneider Electric. Join them on 27th May for a LIVE IT WEBINAR on virtual Innovation Day: Resilient Digital Transformation India, where thought leaders, partners, industry experts will come together on one platform to address challenges and exchange knowledge about building a sustainable future in a new electric world—one that can be brought together through connected and sustainable data centre in the cloud and at the edge.

Here is a preview of their upcoming discussions on 27th May, Wednesday.

1. Edge computing : The practice of processing data near the edge of the network, is where the data is usually generated and consumed. What this means is that you have a high-speed correlation in real-time, which will help businesses get meaningful insights, create personalised experiences, enable critical thinking and make decisions accordingly.

2. Due to expensive and rich network bandwidth links and faster and more efficient time drives, many organisations choose edge computing. Edge is ideal in places that require limited network connectivity analytics, cloud services, storage and computing. It is the best decision you can make if you need instantaneous data processing for real-time decision-making without having to send data to a cloud-first.

3. Centralised data centre: There are large multi-megawatt centralised data centres, whether they are a part of the cloud or owned by a big company, they are highly considered as mission-critical and are designed with availability in mind.

There are proven best practices that have been deployed for years to ensure these data centres are not taken down. These sites are operated by IT staff with the aim to keep systems up and running. Furthermore, these sites are designed and certified to Uptime Institute’s Tier 3 or Tier 4 standards. Colocation and various cloud providers tout these design attributes as selling points.

Some of the standard practices they follow include:

Redundant critical systems: It is a vital power and cooling system that is designed with redundancy to avoid downtime due to failure or maintenance activities.
High levels of physical security: It is a common sight to see biometric sensors at doors, video surveillance, and with security guards to ensure safety and security. Also, it can be accessed only by an authorised personnel.
Organised racks and rows: In addition to the racks being locked, networking cables and power come together to reduce human error that can take place due to pulling of wrong cables, plugging dual power supplies into the same power path.
Monitoring: You get to enjoy this feature as sensors and meters are deployed so that Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Building Management Systems (BMS) can easily get to manage, optimise and get control of overall data centre systems.
These are some of the points that will be covered in this Data Center Webinar that you can attend while you are working from home.

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