How does Cold weather impact urethane?

SAYREVILLE, N.J. - Jan. 10, 2020 - Winter is here and will cause many scenarios for your windshield to chip or crack. Cold temperatures cause glass to contract, if the glass is already cracked or chipped the added pressure can cause further damage.The result will be needing to have the repair fixed, or in the worst case, replacing the windshield all together. And now you're left wondering how can this be done in the cold weather? Will the dropping temps and snow affect replacing the broken glass?

There will be certain factors to consider, however, cold temperatures shouldn't prevent you from having the work done. Here are a few circumstances in winter that can affect the adhesive used…

*Moisture can affect how well the adhesive cures to the glass. In this instance, the shop you call will most likely ask if you have a garage, that is because in case of rain or snow, the repair cannot be done outside.

*Drying or curing time for adhesives may need to be adjusted accordingly by the glass shop if temperatures dip below freezing. Most urethanes are designed for the one hour safe drive away time for temps as low as zero degrees after a windshield replacement is done.

Some auto glass companies may use less expensive urethanes during months when weather isn't a large factor in drive away drying times then switch to adhesives meant to handle colder temps. Because of this, consumers should ask their glass company if the urethane they are using has a longer drying or curing time in the cold temps.

American Mobile Glass ( uses the same high quality Dow urethane product all year round to maximize the best results for your windshield replacement.

Most importantly, have the replacement done as soon as possible! Any damage can compromise the safety of the car's driver and passengers.

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