Blue mountains resident taking Bushfire protection to the next level

SYDNEY - Jan. 10, 2020 - .
Watch the video here:

With bushfires raging throughout the country there are signs of residents taking further steps to prepare themselves and protect their property.

In Leura NSW this resident has started by applying Fire Shield to a part of their home. Monarch Fire Technology provides a Fire Shield which reflects 95% of all radiant heat and can make a huge difference in protecting homes.

Tom Kuiper from Monarch Fire Technology explains: "Fire Shield is a passive fire protection product. It does not require any water or electricity to work and allows any homeowner to leave a danger zone while knowing they have given their home a fighting chance of survival".

A thick aluminium coating combined with woven fibreglass and heat resistant adhesive provides a reflective barrier to deflect radiant heat and shields against burning embers.

"Of course, the Fire Shield can only offer protection to areas which are covered, as this video shows there is still work to be done, but a start has been made."

Fire Shield is part of a layered defence strategy to protect the home, clearing out gutters, getting rid of bushes and trees near the house are part of this. "We hope that having your home covered in Fire Shield will allow more homeowners to make the choice to leave early."

Any instructions by your local emergency services should always be followed.

For more information please contact Monarch Fire Technology at or visit the website for more information.

Monarch Fire Technology

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