What is the Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking is the legal way of bypassing security systems to identify and eliminate potential network threats and data breaches. An Ethical Hacker thus is under the jurisdiction to perform activities that test the defences of the systems at a given organization. As an ethical hacker, a professional would be taking into account the weak points that are present in the systems of the organization which otherwise can be exploited by the malicious/ Black Hat hackers.

BlackHat Hackers are only concerned about the data that is possessed by any organization so, for such people breaking through an organization's security system is not a big deal. Such hackers often violate the security restriction and use illegal techniques that can compromise the system or even can destroy the information. These hackers don't ask for permission before getting in any system.

Hands down the intentions of both the ethical and black hat hackers would just be opposite from one another. Where black hat hackers are concerned only take charge of one's data that can possibly be harassing for them. An ethical hacker thus has some techniques that differentiate them from black hat hackers. These include factors and elements like:-
Used techniques: Ethical hacker generally follow the footsteps of a hacker from the same door they had walked into the organization. Hence, ethical hackers duplicate the techniques and methods which were taken or adopted by malicious hackers. This helps Ethical hackers in identifying the faulty system along with how this system was attacked. In case there was a flaw or weakness in the entry system they fix it.
Legality: Both ethical and black hat hacker breaks into the server or network, however, it is an only ethical hack who has the legal authority to do this, despite when both these professionals have used the same techniques.
Ownership: Ethical hackers are always appointed by organizations to penetrate their systems and detect security issues. However, black hat hackers don't bother about all of that.

Ethical Hackers ask for the organization's approval.

Ethical Hackers’ Job

An ethical hacker is entitled to look for the weak links that can mess around with the organization. These professionals conduct a thorough investigation of their systems and network to spot a weak point which otherwise can be exploited by BlackHat Hackers. It is imperative that an ethical hacker keeps the account of the organizational guideline so that they are operating in a legal manner. Ethical hacker are bound to follow the following rules while hacking:-
Cannot hack into the facility without being authorized from the organization which owns the systems. As hackers, they must obtain a full assessment of the system or network.

Must determine the scope of their assessment inform the organization about its goals.
With a discovery of any security breaches and vulnerabilities, they must report it to the organization
Must keep their discoveries confidential so that the organization is unbreachable.
Eliminate all traces of the hack once the system and vulnerabilities are found this keeps malicious hackers off the organization even if there's a loophole.

An ethical hacker is thus entitled to keep a track on the key vulnerabilities that are not limited to:-
Changes in security settings
Infection attacks
Exposure of sensitive data
Components used in the system or network that may be used as access points
Breach in authentication protocols

Though it isn’t difficult to become a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) at least in terms of qualifications. Anyone after their school can enroll for CEH and get their certification however, some basic skills can change your whole game of getting cleared within a single attempt. This includes:-

Knowledge of programing: All hackers are it ethical or black hat they fidget with the programming, hence, having basic knowledge about programming can change the game. Also, the professionals working in the field of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and application security have a huge chance for the same.

Script knowledge: Typically professionals who are or are meant to deal with attacks as their job roles. Such professionals are meant to be working/ dealing with network-based attacks and host-based attacks.
Networking skills: This is an important skill since most threats originate from the networks, so, having the knowledge of what all devices are connected to the network, how are they connected and how should you identify about any one of them in case they have been compromised.
In case if you don’t have any of that don’t worry a good CEH training institute can also help you with that. Mercury Solutions is one of the best CEH training institute you’d ever across for CEH training.

Professionals taking up CEH Certification know that black hat hackers are the community of highly innovative since they always have a way to break through your systems to exploit the information on it. These tech-savvy people are always proactively looking for vulnerabilities on your systems. Since they are always finding ways to extract information from your systems without getting trapped.

Hence, CEH professionals have to be extra cautious and this is why they use highly sophisticated equipment, skills, and techniques to spot the system vulnerabilities and filling these needful gaps. These professionals are such an integral part of an organization’s system that they are offered an average salary of $150 000. This is one of the few courses that professionals can take up after the 12th. It is perhaps the perfect course in IT if you are looking for IT courses online for beginners.

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