RC2A Identifies Threats & Reduces Risks to Organizations through New Investigative Services

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Jan. 9, 2020 - RC2A has added Private Investigation to its list of available client services. For almost 20 years, RC2A's founder, Kimberlee Roberts, has been conducting security intelligence and investigative activities as a Counterintelligence Agent, Analyst, and Officer; Background Investigator; and Insider Threat Investigator. Kimberlee is a resourceful, discrete, inquisitive VA licensed & registered private investigator. Her experience supporting federal security intelligence operations and investigations has made her proficient in problem identification & solving; proficient at interpersonal connections that allow her to be disarming, gain others confidence, and motivate a willingness to cooperate; and proficient in leveraging resources & information for successful interactions & investigations. To schedule a free investigative consultation, contact RC2A at (202) 670-6976 or email contact@RC2A.us.

RC2A is a consulting firm that provides clients with tailored solutions to their investigative and security intelligence needs. We provide technical expertise, management and guidance to identify the threats, evaluate the vulnerabilities, assess the risks, and develop plans to mitigate & prevent compromises to the safety and security of personnel, operations, and proprietary and/or sensitive information.

For more information about RC2A, visit www.RC2A.us or contact Kimberlee Roberts by calling (202) 670-6976 or emailing contact@RC2A.us (mailto:contact@RC2A.us).

Kimberlee Roberts

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