What are the pros and cons of Python Development?

Today the tech market is strongly footed based on prevalent programming languages. Many programming languages are used for designing and development of mobile apps. But when it comes to opting for the best popular programming language, Python has developed its own space in the industry.

Python, so, is simple to learn and is considered an excellent choice for fresher. There is a drastic change since its release 25 years ago with the introduction of many additional features. There are many other languages like C, C ++ and Java but Python has beaten rankings of these programming languages.

About Python

Currently, Python is used in high-end security programming and development. There is a huge swift in a recent trend where businesses are looking forward to using python. Python 2.0 was introduced in the year 2000 which was enabled with a garbage collector and Unicode support. In the year 2008, Python 3.0 got introduced with a constructive design that avoids duplicate modules and constructions. At present Python 3.5 is in practice.

Highlights of python

The programmers can use Python syntax to code in fewer steps than Java or C++.
Python was founded in the year 1991 by developer Guido Van Rossum has easy programming and fun to try and do.
Python is widely used in large organizations because of its multiple programming paradigms.
Typically involve imperative and object-oriented useful programming with the extensive standard library.
Pros of Python

Comprehensive Support for Library

Python helps the developers by offering programming tasks that are already programmed.

That means the developers the length of the codes to write in Python reduces. Most important it provides large standard libraries that include precious domains. These domains include chain operations, the Internet, web service tools, operating system interfaces, and protocols.

Features for Integration

Python offer prevailing control abilities to call directly via C, C++ or Java via Jython. It helps integrate enterprise application that facilitates the app development by calling COM or COBRA components. Apart from that Python also processes XML and other markup languages.

Improved Productivity

As python offers powerful process integration capabilities, it helps to speed up most of the applications and improve application productivity. This is due to the unit test framework and enhanced control capabilities of python. The application developed using this language has great speed. Apart from that python-support libraries and proprietary that increase the programmer’s productivity by two to ten times.

Cons of Python

Weak for Mobile Computing

Though Python has made its presence on many desktop and server platforms but is considered a weak language for mobile computing. Python has varied advantageous features for programmers prefer this language has still not made its place in some mobile computing arenas.

Speed and Run-Time Issues

The drawback of Python is that it runs with an interpreter instead of the compiler. Due to this reason speed slows down. Apart from that Python language is dynamically typed. From the Python mobile developer's concern, it has many design restrictions during the app development. Therefore, when it comes to doing more tests, errors appear when the applications are finally performed.

Unsupportive for Other Languages

Though Python developers find it easy to work with this language but the developers become so used to its features and extensive libraries. This hampers their learning or working experience in other programming languages. Python experts can experience this at the time of declaration of “values” or “types” of variables, the syntax requirements with other languages.

Final thoughts

Python offers various advantageous features to the programmers. This the reason they prefer this language to other programming languages. Though Python is easy to learn and code, this language has still not found its place in some computer arenas. When it comes to mobile app development this language may not solve some of the enterprise solutions. These days’ tech companies are using the Python language in app development. Python is implemented in games, web frameworks and applications. There are many advantages and disadvantages of a Python that will help in understanding the benefits of learning the Python programming language.

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