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PHOENIX - Dec. 24, 2019 - The Whole Package is our featured bracelet this week!

"The Whole Package" a one of our most AWESOME healing bracelets because it pretty much covers it all. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, it comes with tons of healing energy. It is made from natural Imperial Jasper and Howlite Crystals known for their overall healing and protective energies. "The Whole Package" can help increase energy, boost immunity, decrease respiratory and viral illness, decrease insomnia, assist with better nutrient absorption, improves memory , decreases anxiety, I mean BAMMMMM, all this in one bracelet, yes please, and thank you!!!

The "Whole Package" was created with complete healing in mind. Life can get crazy and we become hot messes with it!! We are stressed out, anxious, over-exhausted and just can't relax. We are so burned out that our immune system crashes and we feel overall crappy (literally and figuratively). The intent with "The Whole Package" is to bring physical and mental healing energy to you!

"The Whole Package" is a gorgeous double wrapped bracelet made with a combination of natural healing crystals intended to provide energy healing. Each crystal has been hand selected for its shape, shine and overall quality. The following crystals have been used:

Imperial Jasper: Imperial jasper is a mix of different colored jasper crystals.

• Green Jasper– Assists with insomnia, better absorption of nutrients, decreased viral and respiratory illness.
• Brown Jasper– Enhances Balance and Stability.
• Reddish Jasper– Feeling whole, spiritual energy

Howlite: Howlite helps with insomnia, increases memory, desire and knowledge, aids with anxiety as well as provides healing and protective energy.

We pride ourselves is the quality and durability of our bracelets. "The Whole Package" is 15 inches long and has been double stringed for increased durability as well as glued at all closing knots. Silver spacer accent pieces and charm add additional shine and character to our bracelets. The crystals used in all our bracelets are natural and hand selected for each piece, as the intent with our jewelry is to provide healing energy.

The final step, prior to packaging and shipping is focused on the intent of bracelet. "The Whole Package" is infused with sage and a variety of essential oils including Lavender, Pine, Rose and Juniper for their healing properties.

All of our bracelets are handcrafted therefore each bracelet may differ slightly. We use natural crystals in all our jewelry therefore color of stones in each piece may vary slightly as per natural quality of stone

Love and Light !

Sooo what are you waiting for?? Lets put this baby on and let the healing begin!

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