Pillow Roll Package System Make The Packaging Simple

Nowadays, there are many ways for packaging pillows on the market. For example, pillow pack boxes, vacuum packaging, pillow roll packaging… today I will mainly introduce vacuum package pillows and pillow roll package for everyone. I hope that can help you find the right pillow packaging way, and solve the troubles of pillow package.

Pillow roll package

pillow how to roll package? At first, you need a pillow rolling machine. Set the rolling speed and parameter, and put the pillow directly into the pillow rolling machine. Then use the PE bag to catch the pillow at the exit. This packaging way is very popular for ecommerce marketplace. Granted that, packaging a pillow whole process takes only 10 seconds. Roll package effect is very beautiful and polular with online shopping customers.

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The pillow can placed directly into a beautiful packaging box after roll packing with the machine. It looks like a gift box. I believe that your customers must like this kind of packaging. To conclude, everyone likes to open gifts.

This machine has been shown at many exhibitions and has been recognized by many pillow manufacturers. This machine has become a must-have item for pillow manufacturers. And sold more than 30 countries.

If you are a pillow retailer or E-commerce sales and this machine will help you compete in the retail and ecommerce marketplace.This machine will help you compete in the retail and ecommerce marketplace.

Pillow vacuum compression package

By vacuum compressing the pillow, you need a pillow compression packing machine. And the machine compression system compresses pillow into a flat-pack. Protect the integrity of your product and will not demage pillow. This packaging way will reduce the size of the pillow and cost of transportation. By compressed pillows, you can put your pillows in a beautiful and small package, I believe that it will bring good sales for your sales of pillows.

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SHENZHEN KIMKOO ELECTRONIC & MACHINERY CO.,LTD provides a range of pillow packaging machines to suit all kinds of pollow products.In addtion, if you are worry about whether your pillow can be use our machines to package, contact us and and send us pillow. We will arrange a pillow test with our machines for you in the first time.

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