How to do your own Window Cleaning London

Window Cleaning can be a challenging process if you do not know how to do it. It is also often referred to as a thorough and dangerous task. Most do not take the danger of cleaning their windows but pass the work to experts instead, while others try and do it alone but end up with dissatisfactory results. Then again, window cleaning is not that tricky if one knows the appropriate way of doing it.

To clean windows like a pro and achieve clean, gleaming windows, just follow these tips.

Before starting the window cleaning process, prepare some soap water. To achieve this, simply mix several drops of a cleaning solution with some warm water, in a tub that would fit a strip applicator. If the pail is small, the strip applicator won't be able to soak up a lot of the soap water.

Step 1 - Clean the window with a strip applicator

An applicator is an excellent choice for window cleaning as it has the ability to soaking up a great amount of soap water. It helps in removing dirt without scratching the glass. To clean the window, soak the applicator into the tub of soap water and make sure it soaks up as much soap as possible. Thereafter, wash the window with the applicator, making sure to cover the whole area.

Step 2 - Wipe the windows with a squeegee

The next step to do is to clear the soapy detergent from the window. This is when a squeegee is useful. Start at the top of the window. Pull the squeegee over the soapy window from left to right, making a reverse S-pattern. Be aware that left-handers would do it the other way (right to left). After each stroke, it is important to clean the squeegee's blade with a clean napkin, so that the filth doesn't get back to the window. Try removing as much of the soap as possible.

Step 3 - Dry off the window from remaining drips

Lastly, dry off the remaining drips from the window by cleaning them with a damp chamois. It's important to use the chamois as it clears the glass without leaving streaks. Once done with the glass, dry the windowsill with a cloth.

Below are some more guidelines that you can use when cleaning windows:

When cleaning multi pane windows, personalising the squeegee to fit every segment of glass can make the cleaning process a lot easier. To do this, simply cut the squeegee to a size that fits each glass segment, using a hacksaw for the metal and a utility knife for the rubber blade. To clean the detergent off the window, rather than using the S-pattern, pull the customised squeegee from top to bottom, in a single stroke, while cleaning the squeegee blade after every stroke. Finally, wipe remaining drips with a chamois and dry the windowsill with a cloth.

Window Cleaning London helps to maintain the building clean. If you would like to get your windows professionally cleaned, remember to phone 020 3322 8261 or go to this link

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