How to Recover Deleted or Lost Contacts, SMS and Photos from Android Phone
How to Recover Deleted or Lost Contacts, SMS and Photos from Android Phone

If accidentally erased a contacts, messages, photo, video or document on your Android phone, retrieves the file with a data recovery tool. When you delete files from your phone, they are not permanently deleted, but are moving to a hidden area of your phone until it is overwritten. When you are trying to recover a deleted file, do not take more pictures, or you record more video or audio or documents you save on your Android phone.

The first is that you should stop using the phone, if you are reading this with mobile, quit, better look and read on a PC. Because, as you use the likelihood of recovering the data is diminishing, this because to be deleted as they will be overwritten by new data. However, we must not go so far as there are still opportunities to recover all your files, contacts, messages, documents, photos and videos from your Android Android device.

There is a simple solution is to enable synchronization with your Google account, so that our contacts, photos or videos remain safe from any accidental circumstances and can be recovered again returning to synchronize your terminals with your account in Google. The best solution to avoid this prevention and Android Android have a way to avoid any problem or accident from our data which is deleted.

Mobiledic Android data recovery for Android is another solution and we will try to recover our deleted data from AndroidAndroid handset more simply and it can be downloaded from the official page Dr.Fone is able to recover photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, text messages, call history, contacts, music files and more whether you accidently erased or lost due to ROM flashing or OS crash.

Download Mobiledic Android data recovery and see how it works:

However, many of you said synchronization data save battery power, or even data, and if so the fact is that you are not setting well the option of Android Android and therefore not approve full potential of a smartphone.

You must know that syncing photos and videos to your Google account can be configured to only be done when we are connected to a wireless network, avoiding the consumption of 3G data and can also be configured for it to occur when our terminal is connected to a charger so do not spend battery.

But back to the issue that concerns us in this entry, recover deleted files from your Android Android device. First say that when we restore the factory settings on your terminal, files that store in our SD or internal memory is not erased. You think like that have been deleted because you do not see anywhere, but if you just Google Play download a file browser, such as File Explorer, and looking into the memory of your phone will find it.

If for any reason files in a memory, hard disk or SD deleted, these really are not deleted, just disappear from view and the space they occupied is available to be overwritten, for that reason, these are recoverable as new files do not occupy the space they occupied.


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