How to make crops high-yield and stable

Since the 1980s, organic fertilizer has gradually entered people's vision. Compared with traditional chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizer is an emerging fertilizer and is the most comprehensive fertilizer. It contains not only large amounts of elements and trace elements necessary for plants. It is also rich in organic nutrients, which has the advantages of accelerating the speed of soil improvement, improving the quality of agricultural products, and reducing the cost of fertilizer used by farmers. It has an important role in reducing pollution in the current society and improving the structure of the soil. The inevitable trend of healthy development.

Bio-organic fertilizer production is the production of organic fertilizers in organic fertilizer production line with some biological agents, there are many types of biological agents, there are some standards, etc.

Application of organic fertilizer equipment is essential in npk fertilizer prodution line , it is to be equipped with the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials that the series fertilizer machine can use the simple compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials. And then it is to be equipped with the fertilizer crusher machine and fertilizer mixer machine and fertilizer crusher machine to deal with the raw materials. We can use the chain crusher machine, and the horizontal mixer machine to deal with the organic raw materials. Next, when producing the organic fertilizer granulator, the fertilizer granulator machine are necessary to be equipped in the npk manufacturing process

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