How to talk about home care with a veteran parent?

Grand Junction, United States, August 26,2019- Talking to your elderly parent about getting senior home care, even though s/he is a veteran of the United States military, can be difficult. Here are some extremely useful tips that can help you.

Denial and refusal are the biggest challenges for many family caregivers when trying to convince a senior loved one to accept home care.

In case of veterans, the idea that they need home care or assistance is pitted against their sense of pride, independence, and strength.

Fortunately, when you follow these tips, it becomes easy to deal with the topic of home care services.

#1 – Be honest

Never misrepresent any information or lie to try and get your parent to consider the idea of accepting home health care because if s/he finds out, you’ll be facing a bigger challenge in convincing him/her.

The best way forward is to simply be honest and talk about your concerns about his /her safety, something you may have observed, and why you think s/he should at least consider hiring a home health care.

#2 – Be empathetic

Try to understand your parent’s perspective too. Your parent may have certain concerns or misconceptions about home health care and support services. Your parent may be afraid of popular misconceptions, such as the caregiver may abuse, take advantage, or steal from them.

They may not recognize the limitations they face every day. Perhaps they have been relying on you, or other loved ones to help with things for so long that they didn’t even realize it. Do not argue or feel frustrated, rather understand their perspective.

#3 – Listen

Listen to them. Listening carefully, without judging or interrupting, will tell you a great deal about their concerns about home care services and other issues, in general.

#4 – Offer financial help

Maybe your parent understands the value of in-home care but they think they can’t afford it. Let your parent know that they may be eligible for some financial assistance through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

If your veteran parent meets the requirements, s/he could be eligible for a VA pension with an Aid and Attendance benefit which can cover the cost of home health care. These requirements include –

o military service with a minimum of one day during wartime

o 90 days of active duty and an honorable discharge

o financial limitations compared to medical expenses

o medical need for daily assistance

When you talk keeping the above-mentioned things with your veteran parent, it would help them remain open to the idea of accepting home care.

To learn more about energy worker home health care or home nursing care for veterans, call CNS (Critical Nurse Staffing) at 877-259-9001.

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