Tilapia floating feed formula

Tilapia feed content:
Tilapia floating feed formulations are characterized by the following ingredients and their percentage weight: direct fire fish meal 8-12%, soybean meal 20-30%, meat and bone meal 0-10%, rapeseed meal 20-30%l, malt root 5-10%, liquid phospholipid 0.5-1% , 3 -5% flour, corn 15-30%, Dicalcium phosphate 0.5-1% , Feed Premix 1-2%, soybean oil 0-0.5%, fish oil 0.5-1.0%.

Types of Catfish Feed
Because catfish grow in different stages, fish feed has different stages; Fish feed is usually denoted by mm, so you’ll see/hear about 1.5mm feed, 1.8mm feed, 2mm feed, 4mm feed, 6mm feed etc.
There’s also extruded (or floating) and non-extruded (or sinking) feed.

Buying Catfish Feed vs. Making Your Feed
In the short time I've been in this business, I've realized that you can be more profitable if you make your own feed rather than buying it from a major producer.

Some farmers rely on floating feed from producers to grow fish, but because these fish are expensive, they may not be profitable in the long run.

However, if you learn how to make your own feed, you will save more money and you can have a greater impact on your fish because you can easily control what they are eating.

That said, I recommend buying feed from a feed manufacturer until your fish reach 200-300 grams and then giving them local feed.

Protein is the main ingredient in fish feed, and every good feed formula contains a lot of protein. However, fish still need energy, mainly found in carbohydrates, to process and digest feed, so protein feed alone won't be best.

The processing steps are:
A. Prepare all the ingredients according to weight percentage in the formula;
B. Mix them together, but make sure all ingredients can pass 20 ~ 40 mesh sieve;
C. Material can be processed with hot steam vapor for 5 ~ 8 minutes, and then, the material will be extruded into fish granular under the temperature of 90-98 degree centigrade;
D. puffed feed pellets can be dried with the temperature of 93-100 degree centigrade.

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Operation Example:
Preparation of tilapia extruded feed
A, weighed direct fish meal 10 kg, soybean meal 20 kg, meat & bone meal10 kg, rapeseed meal 22 kg, malt root 8 kg, liquid phospholipids 1 kg, flour 5 kg , Corn 20 kg, 1 kg Dicalcium phosphate, composite premix 2kg, 1 kg fish oil;
B, after mixing evenly, and make sure all ingredients can pass 20 mesh sieve;
C, Crushed material and take 13 kg for Processing, steam vapor for heating for 7 minutes, raw material was extruded into feed particle at 98 degree centigrade;
D, Puffed Feed pellets can be dried at the teperature of 100 degree centigrade.

Tilapia floating feed formula has the following advantages:
(1) low feed cost but rapid growth rate of tilapia;
(2) good stability in feed water, but less change of water pollution;
(3) simple and easy-getting, but healthy raw materials.

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