ShalePumps Offers Superior Triplex Mud Pumps for Drilling Operations in Rigs

Now, determine the success of drilling operations in rigs with superior triplex mud pumps. ShalePumps, a pump equipment manufacturer, offers high-quality triplex mud pumps to improve efficiency in drilling operations.

ShalePumps develops high performing mud pumps for drillings rigs by a combination of the finest materials and structural dynamics to assemble some of the best equipment. These are designed to be adapted for various drilling applications in rigs. These mud pumps feature high-performance steel power ends, balanced forged steel crankshaft, steel herringbone gears, and anti-friction roller bearings. Triplex mud pumps have a simple design to enable easy maintenance when required.

Triplex mud pumps offered by ShalePumps have extended continuous duty cycles, and foolproof lubrication systems for smooth drilling operations in rigs. ShalePumps strikes the right balance between weight and performance, the mud pumps they make are the best for drilling operations in rigs. With triplex mud pumps from ShalePumps, the drilling operations in rigs will never be the weak link, but a pivot that spells success.

ShalePumps has years of experience in manufacturing fracking and HDD pumps. Their experience is reflected in the quality of the equipment they provide. They have consistently delivered high-quality completion equipment to all stakeholders. All equipment are developed in close coordination with experts in the industry.

To buy high-quality triplex mud pumps for successful drilling operation in rigs, contact ShalePumps at 713.466.0026. Visit their website or mail queries to

About the company:

ShalePumps is a leading pump manufacturer based in Houston, Texas, the oil capital of the world. The company is focused on manufacturing high pressure fracturing, drilling, and well-servicing pumps of innovative design. ShalePumps, a limited liability company has the infrastructure and expertise to build and deliver reliable equipment that exceeds industry standards.

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