Using Methods and Benefits of Medvive TENS Unit

What are the benefits of a TENS unit?

If you are looking for a drug-free means of pain management, then the TENS unit is your best bet. TENS therapy has been trusted by medical professionals all around the World. The TENS devices have been popular and used by patients for over 30 years.

The TENS unit releases electrical pulses that move from the skin surface to the underlying nerves. These electrical pulses help block the pain signal from reaching the brain and thus reduces the sensation of pain. This is an ideal solution for satisfactory pain relief.

Do I need a Fully Isolated Dual Channel TENS Unit?

If you plan to manage pain at 2 different body parts simultaneously, then you need a dual channel TENS unit. The fully isolated dual channel TENS machine enables you to massage at 2 different pain points at the same time.

For instance, you can operate the device at “Acupuncture” mode in Channel A at the intensity level 5 and can choose “Tapping” mode in Channel B with intensity level set to 12. This way you can enjoy dual pain relief massage concurrently.

For Deep Relaxation, Anytime and Anywhere, Choose Medvive TENS equipment for 100% safe, completely non-invasive, drug-free, and the most reliable method of pain management.

1. Up to 16 Modes – The medvive device comes pre-loaded with 16 programs that have been designed for maximum comfort and overall relief.

2. 10 Hours Usage–The Medvive A TENS device is fixed with a rechargeable lithium battery that once fully charged can function for up to 10 hours at a stretch.

3. Dual Channels–There are separate A and B channels in the Medvive device that help treat 2 different body locations that too with different intensity levels at the same time.

4. Industry Leading TENS Pads–The electrode TENS pads included in the Medvive TENS unit are the best in the market. They offer amazing self-stick performance for 20 to 30 uses. They do not cause any rash or itching and are soft on the skin.

How to Use the Medvive TENS unit?

1. Plug the lead wire to the electrode pads

2. Remove the transparent film from the electrode pads

3. Stick the TENS pads to the aching body parts

4. Plug the lead wire in the Medvive TENS unit

5. Switch on the device

6. Press “M” to select one from the multiple massage modes i.e. Acupuncture, Cupping, Tapping, Knead, Shiatsu-Deep or Auto-Combination

7. Press “T” to choose the massage duration

8. You can use the “+” and “-” keys to increase or decrease the intensity or strength of massage

9. Use the “Centre” button to choose a sub-mode under the pre-selected massage mode

10. Once done, turn off the Medvive TENS machine

11. Remove electrodes from your body

12. Pack and keep the device back in its cover

Medvive TENS Unit

The Medvive TENS unit is suggested for pain management for any sports injury, knee injury, foot pains, hip aches, arthritis, tennis elbow, etc. It is a totally safe, drug-free, non-invasive and most reliable method for pain relief. It has been proven to help relieve patients suffering from intense pain.

Pain-free Device Instalment

The ancient devices had button styled electrodes that were a pain to install on the body and remove after the massage. The Medvive TENS device has a 2mm pin plug electrode patch that is very easy to use and the high-quality electrode pads cause no pain on application or removal.

Lightweight and Portable

A medvive TENS device offering low-frequency electrical muscle stimulation is a small sized travel-friendly machine. It fits in a small case and can be easily carried along during travel. Its long battery life also ensures that you can massage your body for pain relief even on the go! Convenient to also use when you are in the gym, in the mall, at work, or even when you are shopping for grocery, this is the best quality TENS unit available at pocket-friendly prices!

Device Maintenance and Care

1. You must always ensure that the device, when not in use, is stored in a cool and dry place. For extended product life, as soon as your massage is done, turn off the device, remove all electrodes from your body, and pack it back in its box

2. Always make sure to cover the TENS pads with the protective film before putting it back in the included pouch. If you apply a few drops of water on the pads before and after use, this will help further enhance the product life

3. If you do not use the Medvive TENS unit frequently, you must still charge its battery once every 3 months. This will help preserve the battery from dying off completely. Its USB charging cable can be attached to the wall charger or computer USB.


If you have any acute disease, infectious disease, tumour, heart disease, blood pressure, fever, unusual skin condition or any other severe medical condition, please do not use this device without your doctors consultation and advice.

Always use the device as directed in the product manual included with each product. If you notice any pain or itching after the use, consult your doctor immediately.

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