Rebar Tying Machine - Rapid Tool is Providing a Healthy Technique of Tying Over Manual Tying

Rapid Tool Australia offers Rebar Tie Machine that significantly lessens exposure to sharp substances. Now, you don't need to hold tie wire or exert pressure during the steel fixing process with the use of the Rebar Tie Machine. The machine ensures the safety of your health.
Being a proud owner and manufacturer of Rebar Cutter and Rebar Bender, Rapid Tool is the international wholesaler for superior quality Rebar Tie Machine. Rebar Tying can be a very challenging manual task without the Rebar Tying Machine. Tying steel manually causes adverse effects on the spine, Rebar Tie Machines reduce this effect in a significant manner. This is because of the less impact on posture when compared to bending over a bar and at the same time mobilising your upper body to tie wire manually. Moreover, Rebar Tying Machine ties up to five times faster compared to manual tying, thus reduces the time and overall impact on the body.
Rebar Tying Machines protect workers from unnecessary repetitive strain injuries. With manual rebar tying, repetitive strain to back, arms and hand muscles causes unwarranted injuries that can result in even more severe musculature and skeleton damage over the long haul. Manual methods have frequently led to a painful disorder called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). It affects the hands and wrist as a result of repetitive movement. The use of a Rebar Tying Machine almost removes the risk of CTS. Rebar Tying Machine not only improves the health of construction workers but also enhances the productivity of your business by saving time, money and manual effort.
Rapid Tool market the excellent range of rebar tiers, including the RT-40 max 40mm rebar tier and replacement rebar tie wire. They are also going to release a new model of Rebar Tying Machine in coming January. These highest quality rebar tying machines perform the job to the highest standard and prevent you from health issues.
To avoid health hazard with Rebar Tying Machine, buy Rebar Tying Machine today. Contact Rapid Tool on +61 2 8090 5999 or 1800 046 778 or visit website You can also email them with your queries at

About the Company:
Rapid Tool are Australia's leading supplier of the reinforcing tools such as rebar cutters, rebar bender and rebar tiers. We provide the high quality and innovative concreting construction solutions to the Steel fixers (tradesmen who install rebar), concreters, builders, constructions companies, concrete pool builders. We have the largest range of cordless, electric and hydraulic rebar construction tools in the market. We are now the Exclusive International Agent for superior quality REO-MECH & RAPID TOOL AUSTRALIA Brand. We have a strong, expanding international division and are looking for more reputable power tool distributors to partner with internationally.

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