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Mumbai, Maharashtra, January 28th , 2019--- BDS Services, a database management and an ISO Certified Company in accordance with GDPR Compliance, is proud to declare one of their sister concern company, the “BDS Legal Services”, a leading national law firm in India by offering excellent legal panacea in the chosen practice areas with a strong importance on ethics.
BDS Legal Services states that generally, logos and designs that are utilized as brand identities for portraying ventures are preserved as trademarks. As they are original artworks that have a factor of creativity, they are also preserved as copyrights. Trademarks and copyrights are two different types of intellectual properties and are preserved by different laws, and the horizon of preservation under different laws is different too.
A copyright is a collection of several rights allowed to the owners of particular creative works. Briefly, copyright could be described as an irreconcilable legal right to do or permit another person to use copy and distribute copies of and/or make conversions or translations of and/or execute or convey in public certain kinds of creative works.
A trademark is a mark competent of being represented distinctly and which is capable of differentiating the goods or services of one person from that of another when used in trade.
Some beneficial features to contemplate while seeking preservation are highlighted below:
Scope of protection
When a logo's artistic work certifies for copyright protection, its unofficial storage, duplication, issuance, and utilization are protected in any type of other creative works. Such creative works might or might not be utilized for commercialization. On the contrary, a logo that is considered to be (and finally becomes) a significant brand identity connected with the venture, could be protected from unofficial use by others in connection to same or alike goods or services straight-away; and in case of an established brand, in connection to any other kinds of commercial products or services or activities also. A logo utilized or considered to be used in commerce is identified and preserved as a trademark, which is a robust form of preservation contemplating trade-related aspects.
Below are the steps to copyright a logo:
1 — be aware when to claim for copyright
You can only assert the copyright if you are the original author/creator of your logo.
In case, you employed a designer to generate a logo; you can obtain the copyright only if they are ready to commission the work.
2 — investigate into research on existing logos
In case your logo is alike to any other existing logo, then you cannot claim for it.
So before asserting the copyright, do thorough research on it.
Certify that the logo you wish to copyright is distinct.
BDS Legal Services
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