Electrode Pads And Their Benefits

Over centuries, and especially during the last few generations, electrotherapy has turned into a safe and trustworthy tool for treatment, recovery, and much more. Today, because of accessible and affordable over-the-counter (OTC) products like those by Santamedical, it’s super easy to bring the advantages of electrotherapy directly into the home. These configurations allow users to explore different levels of level and treatment patterns. However, there’s an added thing that users can explore to hone in on that perfect treatment, and that’s pad placement. One can test out the way they arrange their electrode pads on their own to increase their pain relief and muscle strengthening, conditioning, and recovery.

Optimal Electrode Pad Placement
To optimize the best pad positioning, we’ve compiled our best suggestions for effective pad positioning and tips to help make certain you can reap the benefits of TENS and EMS therapy.


1. Ten packs containing four electrode pads in each bundle.
2. Each pad steps 2 in . x 2 in ..
3. You can use these electrode pads with IF, TENS, and other stimulation.
4. These pads are made of Flexible solid-carbon electrode pads which ensure maximum comfort and maximum demand delivery.
5. The adhesive used in the electrode pads is of superb quality to aid re-usability.
6. The electrode pads are very popular among the professional medical practitioners.
7. Gel on the electrode pads is perfect for reusability.
8. All you need to do is place the electrode pads on the region to be massaged and place them all when their use is over.
9. A good care of electrode pads increases their life.

Distance Between Electrode Pads
The length pads are put may differ from individual to individual. Electrode padsshouldn’t touch and really should be at least 1 inch apart.

If you intend to buy a Santamedical Tens unit massager, then your launch of Santamedical’s electrode pads might make your entire day. The package contains ten packs having four electrode pads in each load up, all measuring 2 inches x 2 inches. They are extremely useful and are highly compatible with your Tens Device massager. They adhere to skin without any hassle and don’t even cause any pores and skin irritation. On a meeting, the Marketing manager of the Santamedical said, “These electrode pads are appropriate for IF, TENS electrode simulator, and other similar massagers. We’ve placed the satisfaction of our customers in the first factor. These electrode pads are manufactured with great care and under strict benchmarks. They offer maximum comfort to the muscles. With such an acceptable price and high quality, we are witnessing the constant grow in the demand for the merchandise.

Keeping Electrode Pads
This is particularly helpful if you want to cover a more substantial area of pain, including the again or quads. We don’t recommend positioning electrode pads straight more than a joint including the leg, spine, elbow, or ankle joint. The actions of the joint can alter the adherence of the pad.

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