Learn About The Main Uses Of The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeter or oxygen saturation monitor is a medical device which is used by doctors to check the oxygen level in the blood. The device is so efficient that it can detect even the small amount of change in your blood oxygen level. Oxygen is an important element in your body. Oxygen is required by your body and organs in order to function properly. However, a fingertip pulse oximeter also has several other uses as well which we are going to discuss shortly in this article.

What Are The Uses Of A Pulse Oximeter?
The main purpose of a fingertip pulse oximeter is to check how well your heart is pumping oxygen throughout your body. Not only that, but the device is also used to monitor the conditions that can affect the level of oxygen in your blood. This device is mainly used in hospitals. However, you can also use the device in your house. It is advised that people with respiratory and cardiovascular problems should have the device in their house so that they can check their blood oxygen level regularly. This will alert them if there is anything about to go wrong so that they can seek immediate medical attention.

Some Of The Other Main Uses Of The Device Are As Follows:

1. The device is used for assessing how well a new lung medication is working. This is mainly checked by a doctor.

2. It is also used to evaluate if someone needs help with breathing.

3. The device is also capable of checking whether a ventilator is helping or not.

4. The Pulse Oximeter is also used to check the oxygen levels after a surgical process. it can also be used during the surgery as well. This is mainly used in surgeries that require

5. The device is also helpful in determining how helpful the oxygen supplement is especially if the treatment is a new one.

6. The device is also used to measure a person’s ability to tolerate increased physical activity.

So these are some of the main uses of a fingertip pulse oximeter. It is very easy to use the device and therefore, even you can learn to use it. In fact, you should get one at your home so that you can check your blood oxygen levels from time to time. Well, this is considered to be very important.

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