Factors affecting the flame cutting and cutting process

Flame cutting is affected by many factors, thin abrasive cutting disc for metal supplier show that the primary factors that affect the cutting quality and the cutting process are as follows:
(1) Effect of oxygen purity The effect of oxygen purity on the cutting speed, oxygen consumption and cutting quality is relatively large in the gas cutting process. The oxygen purity decreases, the cutting speed becomes slower, and the metal pause effect in oxygen deteriorates, which will affect the cutting quality.
(2) Effects of impurities and defects in gold scraps The inclusion of impurities in the metal has a great influence on the flame cutting, and some impurities cause the metal to fail to perform flame cutting.
(3) Effect of gas purity on cutting quality The purity of gas has little effect on the cutting quality and the cutting process, but the impurities in the gas will definitely affect.
(4) The effect of cutting speed on the cutting quality The flame cutting speed should be suitable, not too fast or too slow. If the cutting speed is too fast, it will be dragged and cut through, causing the pulp to burn and cut, and the incision will be cut; the cutting speed will be too slow, the upper edge will burn, the lower edge will be severely slag, and the slit will be widened and cut. The quality of the opening is also not ideal.
The torch is the primary thing in interrupting the flame. The torch is divided into a manual torch and a machine torch. The machine torch is primarily used for various cutting starts. Whether it is a manual torch or a machine torch, there are points for the injection-type torch and the isobaric torch. The suction-type cutting torch is not high in gas pressure, and high-pressure gas can be used, and medium-pressure gas can also be used. The suction-type torch is the most widely used and most versatile manual torch. The gas and preheated oxygen of the isobaric torch are separated by a separate pipe into the cutting nozzle. Since the gas enters the torch by its own pressure, it is not suitable for high-pressure gas, but it must use medium-pressure gas. The isobaric torch has the advantages of gas dispatching orientation, flame pause, and tempering. more.

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