High efficiency, low cost Chinese cutting disc

In an era of competition, it is necessary to understand the status quo and disadvantages of the company, and let everyone understand you and make progress.
Abrasives and abrasives company specializes in manufacturing

7" cut off disc for stainless steel, metal circular saw blade grinding machine and other series of metal cutting processing machinery, the process is to make the workpiece not move, the metal circular saw disk rotates, and moves downwards For cutting, for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic sawing of stainless steel, iron, copper and aluminum pipes or bars, the sawing face is bright and flat without burrs, accurate without tilting, low tone, no secondary processing, low rest intensity for workers, The comprehensive benefits are much higher than the traditional lathes and band sawing machines. It is a new product and equipment replacement product with high efficiency. China supply 7" cut off disc automatic type can complete unmanned operation and self-opening obligations. More than 10 cutting cycles can be completed per minute.
The cutting cost is low, and the cutting part is a metal circular sawing disc. The sawing disc can be cut more than 5,000 times at a time, and one sawing disc can be ground for 30 to 40 times, and the cutting cost per one incision is low.

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