Do You Know- Pulse Oximetry

Do you have any idea what this ‘Pulse Oximetry’ tells about? Let us help you understand what it is used for and why it is necessary to use.
Pulse Oximetry: It is a device that measures the oxygen level in your blood and your heart rate. This is especially made for the people who are going through the conditions of COPD, Asthma, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and various other related conditions.
It measures the percentage of oxygen in hemoglobin proteins, also called as ‘Oxygen Saturation’, which usually indicates how much amount of oxygen is getting to the organs of the body. Usually, as mentioned by the Doctors; the oxygen levels between 95-100% is indicated as normal oxygen level, elsewise after that comes under clinical emergency.
How the oximeter works?
They are basically the clip-on devices that measures the oxygen saturation. The device can be in any form; finger-attaching, wrist, or a foot or any other area where the device can read blood flow.
The Pulse oximeters usually works by displaying a light through a transparent area of the skin. The light then shines through to a detector which is positioned on the other side of the skin.For instance, usually when a pulse oximeter is clipped onto a finger or any other area of the body, one side of the clip shines the light, and the other detects it accurately.
And here we have a fingertip oximeter with us, providing you all the benefits in one device.
The ‘Santamedical Generation 2 SM-165 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Monitor’ is what we are serving you with all our trust. It has various features like:
• Light, Compact & Long Battery Life:

The automatic power off after 10 seconds will definitely the save the long battery life along with the accommodating of various wide range of finger sizes.

• Newly Upgraded:

When we say it’s upgraded, it really is! It measures quickly and accurately pulse rate and SPO2 blood oxygen saturation of hemoglobin.

So, we would definitely want you to give us a chance to help you improve your health in any which ways we can do it. Let’s bring a lifestyle that is healthy and improvised with new technologies.

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