TENS replacement pads that work great

Santamedical 40 pack of 2" X 2" Re-Usable TENS/EMS Unit Electrode Pads with Premium Gel (White Cloth) are widely compatible with various TENS massagers. The 2x2 inches size make them ideal for all body parts. Latex free nature and non irritant gel make them perfect for sensitive skin. Available on Amazon, the pads have got good shelf life and are the best in the price segment.
TENS therapy has come up in a big way in recent time. It is a alternative therapy of choice for chronic pain syndromes, muscle spasms, muscle soreness, fibromyelgia etc. The device is also finding it's utility in treatment of opioid withdrawal. The recent off the shelf use is application on lower abdomen for relief of pain caused by menstrual spasms. With increasing availability and uses of TENS massager, market for it's electrode pads has also rose up in a big way. There are lot of brands making these reusable electrode pads however choosing the right one is important for lasting effectiveness as well as durability.
Santamedical 40 pack of 2" X 2" Re-Usable TENS/EMS Unit Electrode Pads with Premium Gel (White Cloth) could be the right product if you are looking for the attributes of safety, effectiveness and longer shelf life. These high quality electrode pads are fitted with pigtail connectors which give them widespread compatibility across the various brands of TENS massager, EMS and IFT equipments. The perfect sizing of the pads ie 2x2 inches size make them perfect for application over almost any body surface. The latex free formula with non irritant glue make it hypoallergenic and these pads are the best for people with sensitive skin. The long lasting flexible solid carbon electrode gives you safe and effective charge delivery over the uses without any harmful effects such as burns, skin irritation or loss of therapeutic effects. The soft white cotton cloth backing adds to the durability of these electrodes.
Available on Amazon USA these electrode pads come in a packing of 10 packs each containing four pads. The pricing is quite competitive specially considering the quality of the pads and their long shelf life. So don't just wait, just logon and order your pads now if you are looking for durable yet pocket friendly ones.

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