Mother Nature’s Fury Results in Bacterial and Mold that Cause Big Problems

New York, August 10, 2015 -- Unusually high rainfall during this year’s summer has wreaked havoc in the daily routines of so many American lives and has longstanding economic and health effects. This flooding has also resulted in a number of deaths, utter mayhem, and millions worth of property damage. And this are just what have happened immediately after the floods.

In addition, as if dealing with the initial consequences of such a disaster isn’t enough, there are a number of other long term implications to such a nationwide disaster, including homeless residents, damaged homes, leaking basements, and a variety of illnesses caused by such a grim situation. The ill effects of a natural disaster are only multiplied when such a disaster is supplemented by stagnating water.

Weeks after floods swept away houses and damaged property in Ohio and Kentucky, many residents have been left to deal with severe water shortages, giving rise to the old adage of “water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink”. And for those lucky enough to have survived the horror, they have to live with the consequences of water accumulation in a number of crawlspaces including garages, attics, and basements. On top of this, since such locations are prone to mold growth even under the most ideal conditions, these people face some serious repercussions for their health and safety.

This is mostly due to the fact that even single spore can multiply by the thousands in a time span of just a few hours. And if left untreated, these spores can mean big trouble for those that suffer from asthma as they catalyze a plethora of airborne respiratory diseases. The worst part is that such conditions affect young children and the elderly the most.

Citizens can however, breathe a sigh of relief as a company called Safe Mold Solutions has developed a tested, safe, and totally non-toxic solution to the menace of mold. The company, which claims to provide a mold removal guide that has just five simple steps, says that it’s trademarked process of destroying mold involves the removal of stagnant water, drying the entire household, removing water damaged portions such as walls, and finally then treating it with their five-step system of mold removal.

Contact: Charles Boday, c/o 55 South Main St. Oberlin Ohio best selling Author of The Ultra Dry Basement, and Got Mold Now What? Or visit 800-948-4947 to solve a stubborn mold problem or buy a DIY Mold Removal Kit or visit 800-240-8514 to buy an ozone generator, to blast away mold and mold odors.

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Safe Mold Solutions
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