New Clean Coal Catalyst Helps Coal Companies Meet Tough New Obama Guidelines

Sheffield Village, Ohio, August 20, 2015 -- According to the latest publication of the USA’s Annual Energy Outlook, coal has seen little or no growth in demand since 2008. It has in fact shown a downward trend ever since, with the possibility of demand going into the negative as early as 2040. Coal, which is formed from thousands of years of decomposition of trees and animal life, has been facing stiff competition from the likes of solar, wind, and other renewable sources of energy despite these forms of energy being expensive and in some cases, illogical.

Because of this, the government, along with the rest of the world are slowly but surely shifting its focus from this non-renewable source of energy to alternate energy such as solar power and natural gas.

The new restrictions set by the Obama administration’s Clean Air Act have also dealt a serious blow to coal, with many experts estimating that coal use would cease as early as 2030. A new technology offers the coal industry hope, with Burn Less Coal’s proven spray-on catalyst.

And in spite of the US Supreme Court’s June ruling, which has dismissed the EPA’s and Obama’s highly-restrictive pollution proposals, the coal industry can breathe a sigh of relief. On top of this, this is only a sign that the transition from coal will take some time because of the huge investments and obligations that go into such a transition. Moreover, at the moment, the American government just doesn’t have the infrastructure or the money to invest in renewable energy infrastructure on a large scale. Who does? Certainly not when these forms of energy, besides natural gas, are not financially logical.

However, there is a much more immediate solution to the inefficacies of coal that is fast gaining momentum in the coal industry. While some companies have already tested and implemented it in real-life, many industry leaders are rapidly becoming convinced of the benefits that Burn Less Coal’s catalyst solution offers. Recent testing was conducted using laboratory experiments at EERC to prove the viability of using a catalyst to treat combustible coal.

Developed by a company known as Burn Less Coal, their spray-on catalyst is both environmentally friendly by burning, less coal and by producing a cleaner burn with less CO and CO2. It is used as an extremely potent method of controlling coal by-product emissions, which produces cleaner energy and gets the power industry one step closer to true clean coal power production.

About Burn Less Coal: A company dedicated to providing a holistic solution for both the environment and coal companies, Burn Less Coal has pioneered the technology required to provide clean coal fuel. Their catalytic solution is environmentally safe, tested in labs and research institutions, and completely economical.

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