The correct using and maintenance methods for the LCD screen of laptop

Beijing - People who has the laptop should know that all parts of notebook such as MSI laptop would have its own using life. Among these parts, the LCD screen of the Lenovo Thinkpad, HP laptop and Compaq laptop is the most squeamish part into the laptop. The laptop specialist which website is has told people that the normal using life of the laptop such as SONY vaio and Acer laptop would be five years. However, with the progressing of time passing, the notebook's screen will become more and more yellow which is aging phenomenon of the screen lamp in the laptop such as ASUS laptop and gaming laptop. However, some people would have the problem about how to prolong the using time of the notebook? Today, the best laptop retailer which name is Just Laptops would tell people several small tricks which could allow them to extend the life of the screen.

First, people should pay more attention to reduce the sunlight onto the screen of laptop such as Acer laptop and Just Laptops ASUS laptop. During the daytime, people should try to draw the curtains to prevent the screen under sunlight which could let the temperature of the screen become too high and then accelerate the aging speed of the screen.

The second point is that people should take good measurements do the daily cleaning work. In people¡¯s everyday using, they should have close contact with the notebooks so that the screen will inevitably leave a variety of stains. In that kind of situation, people should pay more attention to the cleaning work of laptop screen. People could use 3m magic cloth. The dust and stain one the laptop screen can be directly cleared. But for the more stubborn stain, people should use some water. On the other hand, people should cut off all power to prevent leakage or water entering.

The expert from the Just Laptops has also said that the easiest way to protect Lenovo Thinkpad the screen is to reduce the brightness. In the daytime, the brightness level should be generally opened about 1 to 2 lattice. However, it could be said that the higher the brightness of the screen of laptop such as workstation laptop, the shorter the using life of the laptop. In the night, people should only turn up to 2 to 3 grids. Hope these important factors about the maintaining for the laptop could help people who have their own laptop such as gaming laptop and Touchscreen laptop.

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