Affordable Carpet Cleaning Company & Upholstery Reno Nevada

Carpet Cleaner Reno are proud to say that they're the best carpet cleaners in all of Northern Nevada. they've been around for more than two decades, and during this time period have developed strong customer- oriented values which customers can see reflected through their high quality workmanship as well impactful pricing structure - same day service! staff here offers friendly assistance whether it be over phone calls or personal visits; treating every client like family instead making them feel segmented off into categories because they're not seen enough anymore like before when people cared about their individual needsGood to know that their family-owned business has been cleaning carpets for over 20 years. They have the knowledge and experience needed in order to make the customers home look its best, same day! Their team will help their clients get rid of all those stains quickly so call them today before someone else does...Carpet Cleaner Reno is committed to the health and sustainability of peoples environment who live outside, as well as those who live in it. They use proprietary solutions free from harmful chemicals that will leave customer's carpets clean without any residue or dirt storing them toxic waste like other companies might do when they finish their jobTheir rates are very competitive all inclusive- there's nothing extra charged except spot removal where applicable! With this business model conducted safely so even if something goes wrong with one customer they can still provide great service because every single thing matters most here at carpet cleaners renoTheir technicians are thoroughly trained and ready to service customers home, apartment or office. They have a very strict hiring process and fully vet all employees before hiring. The technicians they send are their actual employees and sometimes they contract with the best if needed. they guarantee professional, polite and efficient service. Contact them now for free quote

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  • Street:Putnam Drive
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  • Zip:89503
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