How to setup and use digital picture frame?

Digital picture frame differs from traditional picture frame in that it is more of a technical gadget rather than home decor.

Instead of inserting only one paper picture, digital picture frame receives thousands photos from mobile phone, computer through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth,USB flash/SD card .

Here are some guidance of how digital picture frame works through these connectivity methods.

Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame Set Up and Use:
HDGenius wifi digital frame display photos
Usually a WiFi digital frame should plugged into the power outlet, it will be turn on. You should go to the menu with WIFI or network icon, connect your electronic frame to a valid wifi wireless network.

Download the provided iOS/Android APP, pair your frame in the APP from your device(smart phone, tablet or iPad) with the frame’s ID or SN number on the product.

Select photos you want to share from your device, send pictures to the paired digital frame. Frame will receive photos in seconds and display new photos on screen(frame must connect to the wireless network).

Or create account on the manufacture’s website to pair your frame (usually one valid email address), write email and attach photos, click send. The manufacture’s server will receive photos and resend to the paired frame, the photo frame will receive your emailed pictures soon. The received photos will display on the digital frame.

Bluetooth digital picture frame
1. Turn on Bluetooth digital picture frame.

2. Activate Bluetooth feature on both the frame and your mobile phone.

3. Search the frame on your mobile phone and make them paired.

4. Upload photos from mobile phone.

5. Select and set up photos on digital picture frame to display.

E-Mail digital picture frame

Such digital picture frame needs an unique E-mail address from the frame provider which allows you to send, receive, share or enjoy photos within seconds from one frame to another directly from computer, smartphone or tablet.

Digital picture frame(non-wifi) Set Up and Use:

Transfer the photo you like to share to the SD/MMC card or usb flash driver, mail the card or usb stick to the receiver’s address.

Turn on the digital frame, insert the card or usb disk, the picture frame will load pictures, clikc to slideshow on the lcd display.

Most digital picture frame have similar setting like system time, sleep time, wake up time, slideshow way, slideshow time and more. Set them as the manufacture’s user manual or quick start guide shows.

The most effective way to solve problems you have is to call the customer support
Tell them what is your problem. Ask the technical support or service team to find the way to fix and help you to make your frame work right.

It is good for you to do some search to find easy set up and use digital frame, this will save your time to set up. You non-tech savvy parents and grand parents only need to plug power adapter to enjoy photos.

Wi-Fi connection is great features to make the best use of the picture frame. You only need to pick up photos and click send, instant share your memory with your cared.

Your parents and grand parents will be happy to see unexpected photos from you, family members and friends everyday with smiles.

No extra SD card needed, no need copy and paste photos from your smart phone to the SD card or usb driver, save your time and energy.

You can try HDGenius wifi digital frame, they provide it at lower price as other brand's non-wifi frame.

Free US standard shipping, 30 days money back guarantee and also excellent customer support and service are great for the buyer.

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