How to choose solid wood dining chairs?

In daily life, solid wood furniture has occupied most of our living space. We will see solid wood furniture everywhere. Today let see how to choose solid wood dining tables and chairs!

1. Checking the syle of the dining set.
When buying solid wood dining tables and chairs, we should also combine the overall style of our restaurant decoration to decide.
Norpel Furniture provides differnt styles of modern wooden dining chairs.

2. Decide what wood material of the dining furniture
Solid wood dining tables and chairs are used as furniture for specific purposes in this particular environment - dining room. In principle, the material should be selected with anticorrosion, wear resistance, easy cleaning, heat resistance and other characteristics . That's the idea of the wood choosing. Normally solid wood furniture is made of beech, oak, ash, walnut for different prices.

3. Figure out the dimenison of the table and chairs
Furniture should not only be beautiful, but also practical. Whether the size of furniture conforms to the principle of ergonomics. Whether it conforms to the prescribed size. This determines whether the furniture is convenient to use.

4. Furniture surface treatment
We should check whether the surface paint film of solid dining set is smooth and bright. The surface should be no bubbles, wrinkles, broken and other quality defects.
Does the edge sealing treatment of each component be strict and straight? Whether there is degumming or not.
Does the surface be smooth, with or without bumps?
Whether the color difference of the table panel is large? If it is solid wood, there will be a certain color difference. Whether the pattern is consistent or not, it is difficult for pure solid wood to have the same pattern. Unless it's the middle of the whole tree, but it's almost impossible.

5. Use clear lacquer and wood wax coating
Solid wood dining furniture is loved by the majority of consumers because of its natural material, environmental protection.
When choosing and buying solid wood chairs, the coating process can choose clear lacquer or wood wax oil. That's the point of environmental protection. Clear lacquer and wood wax oil are suitable for all kinds of solid wood materials. Wood wax oil is higher than clear lacquer in environmental protection grade.

6. Checking carefully about the workmanship
Solid wood dining tables and chairs are fine or not, that can be observed from the combination part. Check to see if the structure of the solid wood table and chairs is reasonable and whether the frame is correct and firm. The the whole structure of furniture, including the connection point between horizontal and vertical, must be close. No cracks, no loosening.

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