How to Properly Maintain the Refrigerated Body and Refrigeration Unit of Large Refrigerated Trucks?

Truck reefer system and refrigerated truck bodies play the most essential role in affecting the cooling efficiency of medium to large refrigerated trucks. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen their daily maintenance.
The main function of the refrigerating unit is to freeze and keep cargoes chill at the desired temperature. The cold air is distributed to all corners of the box truck, to ensure the stable and low temperature inside the vehicle and maintain the freshness of the transported products.
1.The truck refrigeration compressor keeps working for a long time. There are too many impurities in the compartment, which will cause the compressor to lock up and destroy the transport refrigeration system. For this reason, except for daily cleaning, the vehicle refrigeration unit generally takes the initiative to carry out a comprehensive maintenance after 2000 kilometers’ travelling.
2.Regularly check whether the refrigeration system is stable, adjust the refrigeration compressor belt and bracket in time, and replace the drier. Always check the circuit facilities inside the box to prevent the power cord from being damaged, exposed, or soaked in water, which will cause the wire to be disconnected.
3.Some hot lighting equipment is easily damaged and should be replaced in time. When the refrigeration unit is used for a short time in winter, or if the refrigeration unit is not used for many consecutive months for other reasons, it should be started and operated once a month, and each operation time is about 10 minutes.

The refrigerated body is composed of thermal insulation material polystyrene foam (or polyurethane foam and extruded polystyrene foam), glass fiber reinforced plastic (or aluminum alloy, color steel plate), and steel frame.

4.Usually pay attention to safe driving and parking to prevent the body from being squeezed and injured, which will affect the structural stability and thermal insulation effect of the car body. 5. The goods to be shipped should be handled with care to avoid damage to the inner surface caused by sharp goods or packing boxes.
5.Park your refrigerated truck in a shady place when it's hot in summer, and in a carport when it's raining. The surface of the refrigerated compartment body is easily contaminated with dirt, and the dirt and dust should be cleaned in time. If you wanna keep the normal operation of the TRU while the vehicle stops, you can add an electric standby system on it, more environment-friendly and fuel-saving.
6.The maintenance of the inner surface of the refrigerated truck is very important. The stains should be cleaned after each transportation task, especially the eight corners and the rear door. Scrub the seal with warm water to keep the seal elastic.
7.Do a good job in the temperature control to prevent the surface of the truck from freezing. The refrigerated food should be packaged and sealed as much as possible to reduce the evaporation of moisture into the interior of the box and the possibility of freezing inside.
8.If the inner surface of the refrigerated truck is frozen, it should be removed with a deicing shovel in time after unloading. Scrub the inside and outside surfaces of the freezer with a soft cotton cloth dipped in non-corrosive detergent, and then dry with a dry cloth. Do not use organic solvents, hot water, washing powder, etc. to clean. Remember to cut off the power before each cleaning.
9.When loading, the refrigerated truck must be pre-cooled or pre-heated. Because the vehicle is parked in an open-air parking lot, the general cabin temperature is the outside ambient temperature. If the temperature of the delivered goods is not the ambient temperature, and the goods are loaded into the compartment, the ambient temperature will affect the temperature of the delivered goods, resulting in changes in the quality of the delivered goods. Therefore, it is necessary to pre-cool the carriage to the required temperature before loading.

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