How does New Energy Bus Improve the Atmospheric Environment

I do not know when to start, the sky is often haze intrusion, plaguing people's lives and health. Although the government response to "haze" frequent moves, but with little success, air pollution continues to worsen. With the arrival of winter, in addition to Beijing, Tianjin region, the situation is a massive explosion haze and PM2.5 table has begun to spread to the south, southern China, it is hard to detect. Passenger car industry, as China's auto industry development as the most stable industries in the face of crisis, it will naturally choose responsibility, setting off a development boom in the production of new energy bus.

Bus companies should continue to join elite ranks for new energy
According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) statistics, there are more than 50 percent of global oil consumption in the transport sector. Car as transportation most important means of transport, and with the sharp increase in car ownership, leading to global energy and environmental issues have become increasingly prominent. Reduce vehicle fuel consumption and lower emissions has become one of the major global concern.
The bus is undoubtedly big oil use and emissions, has become the focus of government and community concerns. Therefore, the development of energy-saving and new energy buses, will become an important measure of the transport sector in practice energy conservation. National 863 "energy saving and new energy vehicles," major projects team leader Wang Binggang Management Consulting said that in terms of electric buses, domestic enterprises over the years have done a lot of innovative work, has been developed, including plug-in hybrid bus fast rechargeable electric buses, electric buses quick Change and other technology has made great progress.
Meanwhile, many bus manufacturers on the road constantly explore new energy bus, developed a lot of results, and continue to introduce new products, refresh the energy consumption, driving range of records, in order to improve air pollution brings hope.

Comprehensive promotion of new energy bus to be addressed "flawed"
Perhaps, given the new energy bus bigger stage, it can share more responsibility for improving the atmosphere, allowing the blue sky and white clouds return. But we also have to accept some of the obstacles rational development of new energy buses need to face, one by one to cross, could truly realize the full flowering of new energy vehicles.
First, the new energy vehicles lack of core technology patents. Bus manufacturers should continue to attach great importance to enhance the security of technology, reliability, technology and lightweight technology, especially in electric bus air conditioner, and electric air conditioning compressors.
Second, the level of battery performance such as battery materials, specific energy, specific power, life, and prices, and international disparities, restricting the development of new energy bus, at high temperatures, low temperatures, when a problem occurs.
Third, the high cost of inputs, the short-term commercial operation difficult. New energy buses up a chunk of the price than diesel buses, bus car companies need to rely on government subsidies. With hybrid buses, for example, if higher prices than diesel buses only 150,000 to 200,000 yuan, it can compete with diesel buses. If the new energy vehicle technology roadmap defined (such as hybrid technology road) are changed, or the government, "weaning", the new energy bus market ups and downs.
Fourth, charging stations and other infrastructure lag. Currently there are more than 80,000 gas stations nationwide, which is accumulated decades of network layout. Charging stations and gas stations to form the same network layout possible to allow users to pure electric buses assured peace of mind, peace of mind.
Fifth, too dependent on government subsidies, in the long run, detrimental to their Ministry of Housing and Urban Urban Vehicle Technology Commission director Li Shihao special committee, said: "not a permanent solution to rely solely on government subsidies, the development of new energy buses to speed up the scale and industrialization, to achieve market, reduce costs and improve value for money, have to compete with the traditional advantages of passenger cars. "

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